Welcome Home Trip Report


Well our trip is finally here and I’m going to attempt to keep up with a live trip report.

This trip consists of myself and my DW(toriadavis). Arriving May 9-Leaving May 21.

Well we had a very busy weekend between events and getting ready for this trip. We got to bed later then we wanted to last night, and woke up bright and early at 2:30am this morning. I had a surprise for my DW that was faulted a couple days ago when the limo company called to confirm service while I was driving in the car with DW and phone is on speakerphone :pinch:. I hired a sedan to pick us up for the airport. However, it became a very nice surprise when instead of a sedan the limo guy showed up with a stretch hummer.

May 9, 2011-0 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

We got to the airport and got everything checked-in and left Las Vegas right on time no problems. We got into Orlando around 3pm. Now normally we would just got to DME and head right to the resort. However, this year we decided to rent a car so we could go to Universal Studios & IOA for the first couple days. So we got the car and head to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. We then headed to our resort but our GPS kind of took us the scenic route and avoiding the tolls. We got there and checked-in to low and behold be put in a 5th floor room on the opposite end of the lobby. It is literally a 1/4 mile walk from the lobby/ bus stations/pool from our room. We got 3/4 of the way down the hall to find our room and decided that this wasn’t gonna work. SORRY BUT WE ARE BABIES IN THIS DEPARTMENT. So we head back to the lobby and request a room change. The same courteous fellow helps us and informs us that even though we had a savanah view room we could go into a similar type room slightly closer tonight but it’s not the main view. We politely declined saying that thank you but we used our points for a full savanah view and we would like to have that. He gets on the phone and a few minutes later informs us that they will have our room changed tomorrow just off the lobby on the 3rd floor. YEAH!!!GREAT NEWS-we can suffer a few miles walk tonight:laugh::laugh:.

With that settled we get our bags brought up and head over to dinner at Boma. This is a true gem which never disappoints!! If you’ve never tried it you MUST!!

We are now heading out to relax in the pool for a little bit then heading to bed cause it’s gonna be an early morning for us tomorrow.

Here’s a few more pics- Good night and i will see ya tomorrow.

May 9, 2011-2 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 9, 2011-5 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

View from our current room

May 9, 2011-6 by CDavis9088, on Flickr


I love live reports!!! Great tr so far, I can’t wait to read more!!!


Enjoy your vaction ~ can’t wait to read the updates!


One last thing for tonight. When we went out to the pool we were hanging out in the hot tub and had a great conversation with a couple of guys from Boston. They were here with there wife’s only and they were so into disney just like all of us and it was really funny to chat with them. It was a great ending to this first day.


Day 2

So for all you out there that shy away from the Universal Studio’s crowd please skip over the reports from today and Day 3. However, we are up and still adjusting somewhat to east coast time, and getting ready to head out to Islands of Adventure to checkout the Harry Potter section.

I will continue this when I get back.


Have a wonderful time! I see you figured out how to share pictures using your IPad. Please share that info!?! Looking forward to the rest of your adventure!!


I love hearing live reports. I don’t care which park you are reporting from…lol Have fun!!!


Can’t wait to read more!!


LIVE TR…Count me in!!! I’d love to read about any park!!! I def. can’t wait to plan our next “adults only” WDW trip. Can’t wait to read more!!!


YEA! A live report!! Can’t wait to read more. I hope y’all are having a great day!


Have a GREAT time…can’t wait to read more.


YAY!!! This trip report is just what i need before i leave on Sunday!! Come on TR!!


Ok, who else saw the pic from the plane and the caption “View from our room”. And thought “??”

Until I scrolled down, I was … like… "Wha??? How high is their room?


I am loving the live trip report, and I thought the second photo from the plane window was just gorgeous- look forward to more, enjoy your lovely long vacation too.


Sorry, but I can’t wait until your trip is over. I am praying for yours to go fast because we start ours the day after you come home. Have a good time but hurry it up. We are staying at Kidani as well.


Day 2 Continued

We packed up our stuff and had baggage come and hold our stuff until we got our room change. Then we headed over to the lodge for some breakfast at Boma. We have been there for dinner 2 or 3 time but never breakfast. It was very good and the corn beef hash was incredible. Then we took some pictures of the AKL pool before needing to head out on the road to Universal Studios.

May 10, 2011-5 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-14 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-16 by CDavis9088, on Flickr
We had a good drive over to Universal and headed straight over to Islands of Adventure. We found a couple of photo pass type people and had them take some pictures of us.

May 10, 2011-21 by CDavis9088, on Flickr
So after entering I headed straight for the Harry Potter section with the DW taking pictures behind me. We wanted to get over there cause from others post they were doing time tickets. However when we got there they were just letting people in. Although, there must have been minimal crowds in the rest of the park because everyone that entered that morning was in the Harry Potter area. We headed for the longest line item which was the Forbidden Journey ride. The ride was very fun but can get you very dizzy. I don’t want to give away to much but it was really fun walking through the cue with area’s of Hogwarts that you see so much in the films and the ride had some length to it. Once we were done we head over to the Dueling Dragons and waited in the line for the front row. A thing to remember at big thrill rides in Universal Parks. They put locker areas at the entrance of every thrill ride cause you can not take your bags on the ride with you, but they do give you like 30 to 45 mins free while you are on the ride. We didn’t figure this out until after they sent us back to the entrance to put our bags away cause we did not see the lockers, but they were cool about it they just told us to head back up the exit and they would get us into the front row. It was a really fun coaster. Afterwards we hit a couple shops and headed to the Three Broomsticks for some lunch. I had Shepard’s Pie and DW had Cornish Pasties. It was ok but you definitely paying for the surroundings. When we were done with lunch we noticed that we were in the Harry Potter area for 3 hours and had our fill and were ready see the rest of the park.

May 10, 2011-33 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-32 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-49 by CDavis9088, on Flickr
We wandered around the rest of the park and enjoying some picture time in the comic strip area. The theme was very fun and brought back some memories.

May 10, 2011-77 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-78 by CDavis9088, on Flickr
We kept walking around and got to the superhero area, and went on the Spiderman ride which was ok, and then went on the Hulk coaster which was very bumpy and made your head bounce of the side of the harnesses. Once we got ride of our headache we continued back through the front entrance area and to the greek area to watch the Poseidon’s Fury which also was ok. Then headed back to WWOHP and rode Dueling Dragons one more time. We kept walking around again and jumped on our final ride which was the Ripsaw Falls log ride and after getting nicely soaked we kept on walking. We decided it was time for dinner at Mytho’s. I had Crab Sliders and the DW had a BBQ Fried Chicken wrap which was very good, the service however was a bust. Our server was great in the beginning but after taking our order and serving our drinks just wasn’t there period. Another server brought our side salads about 25 minutes in!! Our entrees came 30 minutes later!! Now we can enjoy a long relaxing dinner but this just wasn’t it. The server had 2 whole tables in his section-I only need to tell you he suffered for his actions in his tips. Too bad because the food was really really good. We were done with the park for the day so we headed back to the car.

We got back to AKV and checked-in to our closer room, and had baggage bring everything back up. It is a much better spot so we are very happy. Once we were done putting everything away and settling in we decided it was time to go work out. Now I know you are thinking why workout on vacation. Well I spent the past 4 months losing 55 pounds and I do not plan on putting it back on. So after a 45 min workout we headed to the room to change and head to the pool. It was a great ending to the day. It helped make a nice relaxing end to our day!!


Sorry made the same post twice


Here are some more pics

May 10, 2011-75 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-22 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-34 by CDavis9088, on Flickr

May 10, 2011-92 by CDavis9088, on Flickr


Lovin the report so far!! Congrats on the 55lbs (I just lost 46 and still going…came back last week from 5 days at WDW & lost 2 1/2 lbs). Can’t wait to read more!!


Sounds like you had fun at IOA ~ did you have any butterbeer?

Love the pictures!