Welcome Home Wednesdays


Does anyone know if they are still giving out the hats shown in my avatar? Or, is it something else now?


May we were given the hats in your avatar.


I read a post on another blog from 8/20/12 that the gift was a cloth shopping/tote bag now. We were planning on doing this for the first time in November. Wondering if it is worth it not. I really wanted the hats.


We were given bags and hats on DCL. I also won a fleece throw. But the only thing I have with the new logo are the hats from May. I think I will buy a new tshirt in Nov.


I have a friend heading down to WDW tomorrow and is debating on going. I told her she should since they change without notice. It is always a fun time.


What happens at the home wednesdays? I went to the christmas party once and aside from the kids dancing, there didn’t seem much to it. I wandered around for a bit and then left. Maybe I hit it at an off time.


DVC members can go and learn what is new for DVC, what plans are in the future, games are played, snacks, chances to win prizes, and a gift is given (like the hats). It is a lot of fun and gives you a chance to meet other DVCers and share stories and experiences.


I wonder if DVC will do it the week of the Members Association meeting. I get there that Wednesday and the meeting is the next day. I have wanted to check it out for awhile now but got the impression that the WHW is a sales expedition to encourage buying more points.


I keep saying I will go to one of these someday and forget every time.