Welcome new member!


welcome to all of you, but especially my best friend (whatever your user name will be, :laugh: :laugh: )!

now, go search through all the threads and get lots of info, then we can creat our trip!!!:wub: :wub:


Welcome!!! MB is a great place to be!


Welcome, noname! Can’t wait to hear ALL about your plans! :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: Welcome noname!! Perhaps thats what it should be, and we could all pronounce it with a french accent, like I say Target. :blush:


welcome to the no name new member


Welcome New Member!!!


welcome to the greatest disney resource you will be able to find.


Welcome To Mousebuzz!!!


No Name member have a name yet? LOL



Yeah, how can I welcome a new member I don’t know?..


Welcome to MouseBuzz mystery lady. You’re going to enjoy yourself, for sure.:mickey:


Welcome to Mousebuzz! Emamasa, and the rest of us, will steer you down the right path toward this madness that we refer to as “Disney addiction”!!! :laugh: :happy:


Welcome! To Ummm, Uh, …never mind - just welcome!:happy:


ok, i’m calling her to tell her to post here to give us her name! she’s awesome - and it’s her family that is going on our next trip with us!


Welcome to Mousebuzz we’re a fantstic little family here.


Welcome aboard ________________?


Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Did she get her planning/guide book yet? :wink:


i’m taking it to her tonight! she’ll be excited!!