WELCOME Princess Jilly!


Just wanted y’all to say WELCOME to Disney Central to Princess Jilly :wub:
I know her from the wdwip.com forum, she’s in the process of applying for the International Program that I’m about to start,
GOOD LUCK Jilly!!!


awwww tessa arent u a sweetie!!!

thanks for the luck! i need it hehe!

how much fun is the mass msn! its mad hehe


I KNOW! LOL 9 people :eek:


Welcome to DC PJ! :flowers: I wish you luck in getting to Disney World.


heyy… i’m from wdwip too… i joined here a week ago but just started posting last night… its so much fun!!


Hey…Welcome Princess Jilly


Welcome to DC Princess Jilly!

Hope you get in to the International Program!! :happy:


hello everyone! and thanks! i really have my fingers crossed i get the job!!!

got my interview in London next monday im sooooo nervous!


Welcome to DC!! You will love it here!!! :heart:


Welcome!! Good luck with the interview!


Goodluck Jill and WELCOME!


Welcome to DC Princess Jilly! And good luck with your application!


awww arent u all lovely! :smiley:


Just wanted to say welcome to the board! And hope everything goes well with the application!

You’ll love it here! :heart:


Welcome to DC and sending TONS of pixie dust over to you!!! Good luck with the interview.


So, PJilly ( :laugh: , I love that) … in your avatar… which one is you?


Welcome! I hope we get to meet you AT DISNEY one day in the near future…good luck on the interview!


Welcome and good luck with your Disney plans. I wish I was still in college, I wish I was still in college, I wish I was still in college, not really, just to get into this program though.


Welcome to Disney Central. Best of luck with the interview.


Welcome to DC and Good Luck! :mickey: