We'll be part of the Christmas Parade filming


Received an e-mail tonight confirming that DW and I will be among the people who will be part of the audience for the filming of the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. We registered for the early morning session on Dec. 2. I know it’s gonna be crowded, but it sure sounds like fun.

Further instructions will be coming Nov. 28, but tonight’s e-mail encourages participants to show plenty of smiles and energy because there will be camera teams roaming the streets “looking to capture those magical audience moments.” Hmmm, I wonder just how much Disney gear I can plaster on myself and still be able to walk?

Hey, Rowdy! Thanks for posting the registration info!


OMG!!! That is so cool. You will have to keep us updated with details!!!

Lisa :mickey:


That is so cool, we will be there at that time next year so you never know!


That is so cool. Did Mickey set you up with a disneycentral.com sweatshirt to wear? Hey free advertisement.


Congratulations! That’s great news!
We didn’t get an email. :crying:


Yay! congrats! It will be a blast! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!


Congratulations! That is going to be a very cool memory! :heart:


What a great idea!!! Oh Mickey!!!

Good for you PH…we’ll be looking for you!


Congratulations! What fun that will be! :mickey:


we are going too! dec 2nd


Way too cool! Congratulations–and have a magical time!!


I signed up for the Dec 2nd taping, but I haven’t heard yet. Lucky you!

Oops! I signed up for the Dec 1st.


I can’t wait to see pictures! Congrats!


That’s SOOO… COOL!!! Have a Magical vacation!!! Joe


hey that’s so cool! How do you register for the taping anyways? (Not like we’ll be there, but I’m just curious…and we are in the process of planning for next year around the beginning of December)


Did they give you any more info in that email, PH? Like when, how long to commit, do you get free park passes?


How fun will that be!? I’m excited for you!!


Yo! I got my email tonight! We’re in for the Dec 1st parade. No word on how early we have to be there yet.


WOW! That is SO cool! Congrats to all of you who are doing this!!!
Now THATS a memory that will last a lifetime!

You must all tell us every teeny tiny detail as soon as it’s done…a Taping-Trip-Report! :mickey: good luck!


Hopper – that will be one of your best adventures yet!!! Way to go! And way to go, Rowdy!!!