Well Done!


:laugh: :heart: Well Done!!!:heart: :laugh:

This picture is of my Daughter Sophie(4), who has been performing at our local theatre for the last 4 nights as, yes you guessed it!, Minnie Mouse!!!..

:heart: Well Done! Love From Mum & Dad!! xx:heart:


AWWWW- what a precious picture! I see holiday card written all over it!


:blush: Now that is a good idea!!!:blush:


AWE!!! What a cutie pie!!


Awwwww she is beautiful, and makes a precious Minnie Mouse!! :happy: :wub:


Aww, shes a cutie. She makes a wonderful Minnie


What a cutie.


Wow I remember when mine were that young. Enjoy, it goes to quick.


Lovely little lady!


What a cutie! Do I detect a future in show biz?


Think so…

:glare: Any ideas on the Autograph, I’ve seen you peeking?:glare:


so, so cute. The Christmas card idea is brilliant~


So darling!!!


Precious! I love her outfit! Where can I find one to fit me?:laugh:


:mickey: A blessing.


How cute!!!


SO,SO,SO very cut. I love her pic. I real Minimouse in the making.


Too cute! CONGRATULATIONS Sophie, on a job well done!!


Awww how sweet!


So sweet!! And she looks so proud!! (I bet Mom and Dad are too!!!)