Well, finally!


DD and I are going to WDW in July! We were originally going this week, but had to delay… She’s moving to the Portland, Ore. area (Woodland, Wash.) right after Easter :sad: but coming home this summer for an 80th birthday (NOT mine) and we’re doing WDW after that…:smile: (That’s her with big brother in my Avatar from a trip a lonnng time ago)

We’re staying a week at A-S Movies (her choice) and good thing we waited: Got an email from Disney with a PIN for free counter service meal plan when we go. Woo Hoo - upgrading to regular dining, but it still will save dough-re-me…

It’s been a couple years, so we’re ready to go now… Now we have to make our ADRs!

(Is this too much info? lol)


Awesome that you received a pin for your dining! It will be wonderful to be able to spend time with your DD!
It’s not too much info, I love details!


Yay…congrats for you!

If it’s been a while you have to check out Germany. They’ve added a new shop (not sure the date) that has the best caramel popcorn and apples ANYWHERE…ok so it’s not a meal but don’t pass it up.

For dinner here are a few of our favs…not just for food but atmosphere:

Epcot - Les Chefs or Coral Reef (food is good but view is great)
HS - Mamma Melrose or Sci-FI (typical food but love the drive-in settting and old movies, etc.)
MK - Liberty Tree Tavern

Probably not some of the most exciting stops but for whatever reason we seem to go back to a few of these each year we go.

Have an awesome trip!



Congrats!!! Can’t wait to watch your plan unfold!


Yea! I can’t wait to see what you end up planning.