Well, I got airfare for my DL trip


I have been scoping out prices for the past couple weeks and finally the EXACT flight I wanted dropped $20 per ticket, so, I bought them.

We are flying Continental non-stop from Newark to LAX* on Tuesday, June 27th, arriving in LA at 9:30 am. Then we’ll pick up the rental car and proceed to DL!! YAY!

We’ll have the rest of the day on the 27th at DL and we check-out of the DL Hotel on Friday the 30th.

I will then have 2 & 1/2 days to show my Dad all the typical So Cal things before we fly home late afternoon on Monday, July 3rd.

Now, I jsut need to plan everything in between :noo:

*(John Wayne aprt was just WAY too expensive)


Congrats! I’m sure it feels good to have that taken care of. I’m still waiting around to see if SWA drops fares for summer.


Oh that’s great Wish. Gotta love the nonstop flight!


Yeeha! NONSTOP! :cool: CHEAPER! :cool: You are getting closer… FUN! :biggrin:

And John Wayne airport is always too expensive for me too, but I hope one day I’ll get a chance to go there someday!


Wish, can you explain that about the John Wayne airport being too expensive? I heard someone else say that too.

Is it that the flights there are more expensive than the flights to LAX?
I’m currently scoping prices for airfare from Providence to LA and of course, the John Wayne is much closer as well as being serviced by SW.


Sure, Ddoll. for example…

When I search Orbitz.com for flights departing June 27th-July3rd from Newark, NJ to John Wayne Airport in Ca. the cheapest I can get is $340., they ARE non-stop but the times are TERRIBLE and really would not fly the times I can get for that price.

When I search Orbitz on those same days for NJ to LAX instead I can get a non-stop for $270. that are PERFECT times for me.

I think what makes the difference is your departing airport and which airline. I have been scoping for awhile and while I’ve seen fluxuating prices for the LAX flights the John Wayne flights have been about that price for me or even higher.

If it works for you though then I would definately fly into John Wayne. Also, we are spending 2 & 1/2 days in the LA area AFTER leaving disneyland so I would prefer to rent the car and depart closer to LAX.


Yay!!! Good for you and NON STOP!!! You’ll be here before ya know it:)


Okay, that makes sense to me now.

Since I’ll be using SW, it’ll be easy for me to compare the prices. But there’s no such thing as direct to CA from here on SW. I’ll have to make at least one stop no matter which airport I choose.


Congrats on getting the airfare. :heart: