Well, my ADR's are done!


November hours still aren’t out yet but I called and made my ADR’s anyways!
Iam going along with this trip in case we can still go!!! :angel: Iam pretty sure I can. I was thinking about taking one day off my trip at the end and coming home that Sat nite instead of staying until Sunday, so that helps a little. I was also possibly thinking of downgrading my hotel (CBR), but dont think I will do that… Oh, I was supposed to get my rebate last week but I dont know what happened cuz I never got it!! :frown: (my ss# ends in “20” and I used DD for my tax refund) But Iam sure its on the way!! :angel: … back to my trip… I was thinking about getting rid of the car rental to save $$ too but now that I think about, getting around to these morning breakfast’s and possible Univ. will be too difficult! Also Iam hoping on the Fall Sale coming out, I have saved a few hundred in the past. But anyhoo, this is what I booked today.

10/31 - Arrival day, MNSSHP, taking it easy up to the party
D - 4:55pm @ CP

11/1- Epcot Day
B- 10:10am @ Restaurant Akershus, Princess Storybook breakfast (a must do for DD!)
D- 6:00pm @ Tutta Italia (a first for us!!)

11/2- H.S. Day
B- 8:00am @ Cape May Cafe (dd’s pick! :blow: )
D- 4:50pm @ H & V w/Fantasmic Pkg.

11/3- Typhoon Lagoon!
B- CS @ hotel
D- 6:15pm @ Ohana’s (haven’t done this one in almost 2yrs!)

11/4- Universal? :whistling
B- 8:15am @ 1900 Park Fare (another 2yr lapse, gotta go back!)
D- eat @ Univ?

11/5- A.K.
B- CS @ hotel
D- 5:05pm @ Boma ( a first for us, for dinner)

11/6- MK
B- 8:10am @ Ohana ( a must do for us!!)
D- 5:00pm @ 1900 Park Fare (been 2yrs for this one too!)

11/7- Epcot
B- CS @ hotel or Epcot
D- 6:00pm @ Teppan Edo ( a first for us!!! DD’s pick)

11/8- MK
B- CS @ hotel?
D- 5:20pm @ CM’s (a must do for DD)

GO Home!!! :frown: :frown: :frown: (hopefully on a late flight)

Anyone price out airfare for this time???
It’s about $719 at this moment!!! :eek:
Jet blue finally released Nov flights and the prices are sky high at the moment!!
Iam hoping they will come down!!


Airfare is starting to make me VERY nervous also. We already have our airfare for October but I am concerned at the price we might have to pay next April to do the cruise. :pinch:

Your ADRs sound great! We’re also eating at Crystal Palace before the MNSSHP on Oct. 9th.

Getting excited yet?


Yes!!! :happy: I was on hold for 7mins and I loved it!!! lol
I also bought my MNSSHP tickets yesterday!!! It’s for Halloween nite, so I knew I had to buy them no matter what happens!!

It’s the only thing that is keeping me sane right now too!

Iam hoping one day we can do the cruise, I really want to do the West Carib. one!! :cool:


ADR’s look great.

I heard on the new friday that if you used a H&R Block, rapid refund, or Turbo Tax that your checks would be delayed. Even if your SS is in the low numbers. Not sure if this applies to your situation… hope it comes soon for ya.


That’s funny,I used H&R block online and got my check a week early.

Val,I hope you get to go!!!


Nice Adrs Val!! I was wondering about you the other day, glad you popped in!


I thought CP wasn’t open for dinner on the night of the parties. Is this something new? When I booked MVMCP we made an ADR for Tony’s but I would so rather go to CP!!!


Great choices on your ADR’s!


Great choices; all I have to say about Boma is – YUUUMMMMOOOO!


Great ADRs!


Thanks Daisee!
Ive been in panic mode wondering what is wrong!!!
I filed with Jackson Hewitt (2nd year now), and Ive been doing DD quite a few years now except this year I did it differently where I wouldn’t have to pay the filing fees upfront but have it deducted from my refund.
I also filed Jan.25th!!! And the IRS doesn’t even recognize thru the automated phone system or the online "where’s my stimulus payment? … 1 of the possible reasons states that my payment may still be coming but has not been scheduled yet, yadda yadda… It’ just makes me worry a little, ya know?
But at least from what you set does set my mind at ease a little. :blush:


Your ADRs look great! I can’t believe it’s already time for November ADRs!!!


I haven’t made myself more active here because I had nothing to report or nothing good to report, But with making my ADR’s, that’s something to post about!!! :happy:
Also Iam so behind on threads here it’s ridiculous!! :crazy:
there’s alot of TR’s that I wanted to read, but never made the time to do it.

But thank you!!! :heart:


they look great Val I was going to suggest you getting tickets for MNSSHP since its halloween night and well that sells out fast … but I see you got them … hope you can make the trip …


Our very first trip to WDW in 2004 and our very first MNSSHP as well, I could not get LTT so I booked CP and I definately enjoy the food there better. I rather pick and choose what I want from the buffet, and they have a very good buffet there, the characters, I prefer the ones at LTT better, we are not big Pooh fans at all!!
Our first visit to the CP, we ended up arriving late due to a little missing persons problem with our party, we got split up, long story short, they took us late and then asked my DD for a once in a lifetime photo with the whole Pooh gang!!! :happy: It was really cool because we brought our costumes and changed into them afterwards so my Ariel got some cool pics!!! :cool: :happy:


Yeah!!! :cool: Thanks! :happy:

Maybe we can do the Luau this year! :angel:
we so miss the Poly!!! :wub:

now the big question is : Did they post the hours today yet???
I have been patiently waiting for them!!!
I like to know the hours when Iam deciding which parks to go to on which days, then I plan my ADR’s around them.
I figured no big deal, If I have to call and change them, no biggie!


Me too!!! :wub:

Determination is the key!!! Iam determined to go more than ever and I sware nothing will stop me!!! :huh:

Watch out all, Disney nut in full force, not a force to be reckoned with either!!! :laugh:


We did breakfast there and liked it!
Iam looking forward to the dinner after all the good things I hear about it here! :happy:


Yeah, how about that, before you know it, November will be here.

Val, I love your ADRs. Of course you’re going to go in November :wink:


Iam practicing my bank robbery skills as we speak! :wink: :laugh: whistling the theme to Mission Impossible
Disney is grounds for acquittal! lol


I just pinch my $$ and it all works out… I do it every year, so this year should be no different!!

If my mom can still go away on her bowling tournament (it’s voluntary and this year is in Detroit!!), there’s no way Iam giving up my trip!! No way, no how!!