Well, sometimes life gives you lemons


My lemon is that we are having to cancel our trip we had planned for March. Some unexpected large expenses came up and wiped out our Disney savings. IT REALLY SUCKS! :mad: :crying: But at least I still have next October to look forward too! I’m also thankful that I had something saved back or man we would have been in trouble. So I guess there is always a silver lining somewhere.


Oh no! Sorry to hear about that, but glad you had the resources to take care of things. Don’t fret, October is not so far away…


sorry!! that does stink, at least you had the $ & can still do october!!


Sorry about that. Like you said, however, you had the funds to cover the emergency. Thankful for that!


That is VERY positive thinking!! Keep reading TRs they help to pass the time and get you to October in NO time!! :happy:


Very sorry to hear that, but glad you had the money for the expenses!


I am really sorry to hear about that. Even though you cant go in March, maybe something will come along that will allow you to go before October…You never know!

Lisa :mickey:


Oh I am sorry to hear that. I hope whatever it was is fixed soon and I am glad you still have your October trip to look forward too!


I’m sorry to hear you had to cancel too, but happy you had the money to cover what it is you needed to pay for. The good news about October is that it’s less days away than my trip in Nov '08. You can look at my countdown and think how good it feels that you don’t have to wait as long as I do, lol.


Yes, I love it when there is a silver lining… it makes it a little easier to swallow!


We are going to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend in January so at least I have a trip somewhere between now and October 2008. Parents always pay everything for a long weekend in January somewhere so it is very nice and FREE! We are hoping for snow while we are there as Emilie has never seen snow. So I’ll now have more money to spend there. Okay so maybe I have a 1/2 empty glass instead of 3/4. :smile:


See things always work out. Im think Im about to cancel my Disney trip for next year too. I want to move and my DH says I need to make a decision if I want to stay on this street(which I will not go into why I HATE IT!!) or move to a bigger and better house.

Disney will ALWAYS be there :smile:


Its like Roseana-dna-dna always said:
“If its not one thing, its the other”
(remember her)And besides, that fact
that we have the same birthday will
make it all seem better somehow!
:flowers: :flowers: :laugh: :wacko:
ps. I said birthday! Not birthyear!:laugh:


I’m sorry you had to cancel. It’s hard being a responsible adult sometimes, isn’t it?


I am so sorry your trip for march has to be cancelled, but am glad you still have october to look forward to. Good thing you had that savings like you said…it was there for a reason. Try not to fret to much…october will be here before you know it.


Sorry to hear this!! That totally stinks. Glad you were able to cover the emergency, though.


So sorry about your trip but at least you had that nest egg when you needed it. October will be here soon…right? I’m going in October too so it has to get here quickly. :laugh: :laugh: