Well this is odd


I have to book my dining on Aug 7th for my Feb trip but I am being told that the new package prices may not come out until Sept due to the new dreams promo- HMMMMM- that seems strange to me! How am I supposed to book the ones that I use the dining plan for if I cant say that I have the dining reservation?



You can make all your ADRs then add the dining plan later. I didn’t add the dining plan until a few weeks before our trip yet I made our ARDs months before that.

Have fun planning!!


They don’t need to know if you are on the dining plan in order to make a ADR. They don’t have a set # of tables for dining plan guests. You can wait until you check in for your ADR to tell them you are on the dining plan. The only exception might be the ones that require a deposit (princess bfasts and fantasmic dinner pkg. etc). Although, when you book those you are still required to give credit card even if you tell them you’re on the dining plan. They don’t really need to know you’re on the dining plan until the check comes but it’s a good idea to go ahead and let them know. That way your server can help you make choices that fit the plan.


Yep! Happy ADR-making! :slight_smile:


Maybe you’re going to be one of the people who gets a dream come true in the form of free dining for your trip!!!


Ill take any dream like stuff- anything to make getting older more magical!