Well, we just got back Saturday!


We just got home on the 25, and all I can say about Expedition Everests is… WOW. Sorry Tower of Terror, but you have just been replaced as my favorite ride!

We got there Sunday afternoon, and after checking in to All Star Movies, we grabbed a bus to Magic Kingdom. We stayed there until 11:00 P.M. (resort guests could actually stay until 2:00 in the morning, but we opted out of that- we wouldn’t have had energy for any of the other parks! :tongue:).

Monday morning we woke up early and went to Animal Kingdom, where we ran to get fastpasses to Everest first thing. That turned out to be the best ride that I think I have ever gone on. Even the queue line was interesting and moved pretty fast. We went on Kali, too, and amazingly came out completely dry. My parents were happy, and I was disappointed. I liked the time we got so soaked that we had to pay the cashiers with wet money for the rest of the trip. :tongue:

Tuesday we went to Epcot in the morning and rode Soarin’… which I have to say I was pretty disappointed in. The ride seats barely moved at all, the video was choppily put together and went straight ahead like a private plane more than zig-zagging like a hanglider would, and little bits of dust kept blowing onto the projector, so you would see little (or big) black dots floating around the screen.

Wednesday we went to MGM for the first part of the day and then that night we went to Animal Kingdom for the Extra Magic Hours (6:00 to 9:00 P.M.). Animal Kingdom is amazing in the dark- and we rode Everest twice more. That’s extremely cool in the dark too. :biggrin:

Thursday was Magic Kingdom, where we rode all the usuals and actually managed to catch a 10-minute wait time for Splash Mountain before most people got to the parks. Haunted Mansion broke down BOTH times that we rode it, the first time in front of the door with the hands that bends out and the second time in front of the clock with 13 numbers and the shadow of a hand that passes over it.

Friday, it was back to Animal Kingdom- to ride Everest four more times! The only bad part of my trip was when I ordered the Grilled Portabello Pasta from the hotel Friday night. It had some kind of weird spice that didn’t agree with my stomach, and so when I accidentally inhaled hot chocolate later… you can imagine what happened. :blow: My only consolodation was that it didn’t get on the hotel carpets- I’m sure the maids would have loved it had that happened.

I got a new Stitch hat that I covered in Stitch pins, a “Join the Dark Side- Conquer a Universe” long-sleeved shirt from Tatooine Traders, an Expedition Everest T-shirt, and a Jedi Mickey plushie that was apparently Star Wars Weekends merchandise out early. My only wish was that they could have had a Darth Mickey plushie out. :tongue:

Overall, it was a great trip. We got a nice hotel room on the third floor of the Fantasia building, away from the elevators and on a corner so we only had other people on one side of us. It was located so that when we looked out our window, one of the bucket-carrying brooms was perfectly centered in our window. And we did get to ride Everest seven times…

Anyone else going soon? Or did anyone else go last week? I’d love to know! :biggrin:


Sounds like you had a great time and seven times on EE WOW! :mickey:


So…I’m guessing that EE is a big hit then?! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Is it better than Mission Space? I can’t wait to go on EE!


Glad you had a good time DarthT. I was there 2 weeks ago and LOVED EE too! I disagree with your review of Soarin’ tho. I love that ride!
Sorry to hear you got ill :blow: and hope you’re feeling better now.


Glad to hear that you had such a great trip! I’m sorry that Soarin’ was a disappointment to you. :sad: It is one of my favorites! How lucky are you to get all those rides in on EE? How exciting! I cannot wait until I get a chance to get down there and ride it!