Well, We're Off!


I’m here to say goodnight! We ship out tomorrow at 5 am and will be back in 11 days with our TR!

Blessings to all you wonderful Mousebuzzers while we are away! :happy::happy:


Have a wonderful trip!


Have a magical trip!


Have a great time! I can’t wait to read your TR!:happy:


ENJOY!! Don’t forget the sunscreen! :heart:


And remember Bud Lights are only $4.50 at 1900 Park Fare during dinner…
That my friends is a valuable tip !!! … you get the long neck bottles! :laugh:
Have an awesome time … cant’ wait for the TR !!!


Have fun Jen!!! Yes sunscreen is VERY important at this time of year.


Bye Jen!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL trip, and I can’t wait to read all about it!!!


Have a fantastic time! Im looking forward to all the pictures you take with the new camera. Enjoy!!


Hope you have a great trip! I wish I was spending the next 11 days at WDW! :laugh: Can’t wait for the TR!!


I am missing your TR already. I think you had mentioned that you got a new camera, so I am waiting for the pics. Hope you are having a blast.


Have a great time! Hope you didn’t forget your ponchos!
Looking forward to your TR