Went to Disney on Ice Today


We took our 2DD to Disney on Ice today, the “Princess Wishes” Show. She had a great time. She sat through the whole thing just totally absorbed. She got nervous when Ursula and the dragon from Sleeping Beauty were on the ice. She really loved the whole show. We are going to the 100 Years of Magic show in a couple of weeks.

They had scenes from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella, and of course Goofy, Mickey and Minnie were there. Tinkerbell kinda hosted the show.

I thinking one of the reason they do not have the characters do a meet and greet is that they are not real “face” characters if you know what I mean. Some did not quite have the disney “look”.

Great time!! I highly recommend it.


There were alot of kids in costumes. Some were not even Disney costumes. My DD did not want to wear her Snow White dress until she saw other girls dressed up.

They had stations set up were the kids could get their pictures taken with statues of Ariel or Cinderella. They started at about $12, so the costumes were perfect to wear.


Awww, sounds awesome! Glad everyone in your family enjoyed it!


I took my daughter to about 7 different Disney on Ice shows, during her pre-teen years. They are terrific shows!


Yeah, the picture was kinda high for a simple 4x6 with a paper frame. For $18 you can get one of the flat rubber frames. It was cute, but high for one picture. Many of the souveniers were not bad. She got a resin mickey and minnie that were around 10 inches high there were only $10 each.

You will have a great time!!