Were back from a relaxing trip


Time: Monday Oct 1st thru Friday Oct 5th
Location: AKV and SSR
Cast: Hubby and me

Day 1:
DH and I got to my DM’s house around 2am and we dropped the dogs and bird off, put our luggage in DM’s truck and we were off for newark airport. Flight left on time at 6:50 am and we landed in Orlando airport at 9:30 am. We met a great family on the plan and this was their 1st trip to DisneyWorld. Once we got off the plane they followed us to baggage claim and then down to the rental cars. We got our car and we were off to AKV. We got to AKV and checked in and our room was ready. (YAHOO) We were on the zebra trail in room 5521. The whole 5th floor is all DVC rooms. We had a studio room with a savannah view. The room was awesome. Disney did a great job with doing the rooms over and we couldnt believe it. Anyway DH decided that he wanted to take a quick nap while I unpacked. When I got done I woke him up and we were off to Epcot. It was about 130 pm and we had dinner reservations at Biergarten for 630pm.
We drove over to Epcot and when we went in DH accidently put his DVC card in the ticket machine instead of his annual pass. Well he sort of broke the machine for a few minutes. They had to take it apart get his card out then reset the machine and finally he put his AP in and it worked. I was laughing so hard on the inside so he had to tell everyone that it was my fault and that I told him which card/pass to use. NOT!!!
So we decided to walk around World Showcase and check out the Food and Wine Festival. It was very interesting to say the least. We really wanted to try out some of the food but were afraid that we wouldnt be hungary for dinner so we just kind of checked everthing out in the countries and then went to Biergarten for dinner.
As usual we :heart: 'd dinner and we a great group of people at our table. We were all laughing, drinking and drinking, we had a BLAST.
After dinner we tried to find a spot to watch Illuminations and seeing as how it was the 25th anniversary of epcot the show was supp to be different. Well we found a spot just outside of Mexico and DH went and got us a couple of beers and then we had about a 20 min wait before illuminations started. Well wouldnt ya know it here came the rain. And when I say rain I mean it poured. We stood out in the down pouring rain for about 15 mins and decided that we were too wet and didnt want to stay for the show so we walked back to the car and headed back to AKV. By the time we got back the rain had stopped and we went up to the room and changed into our bathing suits and went down to the pool. By this time it was 1015 pm or so. We took a dip in the pool and then relaxed in the lounge chairs then we went over to where they have the night vision goggles to look at the animals and we talked to the 2 CM’s that were there. Both girls were really nice and before we knew it almost an hour had passed. We left them and headed back over to the pool and finally headed back up to the room around 1am. We took showers and we were both so tired that we were going to go to bed but 1st we had to sit on the balcony for a little while and see what animals were outside. We lucked out there was 2 zebras, 1 giraffe, 2 african cattle, and about 3 Kudu’s. We said good night to them after watching them for about 1/2 and hour and hit the hay. We both must have fallen asleep very fast cause that was the last thing that I remember.

Day#2 to follow later. All I can say is I went shopping at the disney outlets… Sorry I have to run Dads car back to the dealership cause its getting service tomorrow.
I’ll finish tomorrow with pics to follow.


yea, another TR with pictures! I love pictures!

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Oh great, you started your report. Looks like you had a great start to your trip.
Did you tell the family from N.J. all about WDW?


Oh please tell me you have tons of pictures from the AKV room. I can’t wait to see what they look like.


How exciting, I can’t wait to see some pictures of the new DVC rooms.


welcome home glad you enjoyed the AKV cant wait to hear more


Welcome back, look forward to reading more.


I can’t wait to see pics of AKV too! It sounds like you and your DH had a really fantastic time and I can’t wait to read more.


YES! And another TR . . . I live for these, I do I do! :happy:


Welcome home!
I’m really excited to see pics of AKV!


Welcome home!! I am also excited to see and hear about the AKV…can’t wait!


Welcome home! I can’t wait to read more of your TR!


Nothing new in here? oh WEDINDISNEY!!! where is your report missy?


Hey there. Im so sorry about not finishing my trip report. Things have been so crazy around here the past few weeks and things are finally starting to go back to normal. I was thinking about finishing it and honestly I thought it was a little late and I didnt want to disrupte others who are posting their trip reports. I know thats strange. LOL I guess if noone minds I could finish the rest of it in the next day or so. I didnt want to be rude to others. Thanks for thinking of me… LOL


finish it. We would love to read the rest :wink:


finish it finish it finish it!!! We are all patiently waiting!!!