We're back- it was fab!


Hello all, we are back from our vacation, and just had the most wonderful time. I do believe I have almost 1000 photos on my card, but dont worry I wouldn’t inflict them on you all:laugh:

When I am less jet lagged, and have my brain back, I will proceed with a condensed TR, including the Las Vegas jaunt too and my afternoon spent with my dear and lovely friend Joanne (jo-jo).

Good to be back though- I miss my MB:heart:


Please inflict the photos on us! I am missing my happy place and would love to see your pics!

Glad you are home safe! Will look forward to reading your TR!


Welcome back!! I can’t wait to read your TR and the more pictures the better! Vegas too!!


Please…toruture us with your pictures…I think we can take it!!


Can’t wait to read the TR and see the 1000 pics!


torture away :laugh:


woohooo, over 1000 pictures, I cannot wait!


where’s the pics?? and the TR?? I can’t wait to read it and see all the pictures. :wub:


I’m putting it together- I have to psych myself up to sort out the photos that seemed a good idea at the time to take- now I have to post them and tag them I’m not so sure!



Post away - there is nothing better that Disney pictures - really glad you had a great time.


1000 photos …get posting


This is probably the only time/place where people will actually be demanding to see your “home movies” (photos)! Take advantage!:laugh:


Just because you live in another country is no excuse. There is no need for sleep…

We are anxious to hear how your 3 weeks in the USA was… do tell, please! We need to hear it from someone else’s perspective…

Wake up! (Just kidding, but we are all waiting-kinda impatiently)… :)))))


Welcome home Dixie!!!


Dixie I still want to borrow that money press of yours!:laugh:


Wicked :heart: could i have it next please…:eek:

I’m off to Egypt tomorrow for our vacation so by time I get back you should have one or two up .
Hope you had a fantasmic time:heart:


LOL My dear Franco, when I find it again, you’re first in line!:heart: