We're back on track!


As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the front page of MouseBuzz has not been updated in some time. We apologize for the stale news and lack of updates, but are pleased to announce that we’re back on track.

Reasons too numerous to list here that have all conspired to cause Mousebuzz to stagnate for some time have been resolved and we’re back online and committed to keeping MouseBuzz fresh and relevant for our valued users.

From here on out you can expect regular news updates, freshened content, new features, and the always friendly and helpful content you’ve come to expect from MouseBuzz.

We really appreciate your patience and your continued participation in the best Disney discussion site on the web!


The MouseBuzz Team


You guys rock! Thanks for a great website!!! :wub:


Thank you turnwrench!


Excellent news!


Welcome Back!


Thank you!!!:wub: This is great news!




Couldn’t be more thrilled! Thanks, guys!


Best kind of news for a rainy Monday!! Woot!! Welcome Back!


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! We’re as happy as can be!


Thank you Turnwrench and Mickey.:heart:


Ooh, ooh, oooh! Since you’re here, could you tell us who made the millionth post? Somebody deserves bragging rights!


Yeah, that would be cool information if you have handy.:cool:


Seriously! I am dying to know!!! :phone:


This is the best Disney site on the web, thanks for all the hard work on keeping this site the best.


Thank You!:happy:




Thank you, that is excellent news.


Great news!!! Thank you!!! Looking forward to it


Yaaa its a magical day