We're Back


Ok, I just finished typing a big post and hit the wrong key and lost it, we are so tired. We just got home after driving back (1 driver, me, with no stopovers, just gas/food breaks), NY was fun to drive through after driving @1,000 miles, even the Tapanzee bridge was a mess. 23 days at Pop Century was wonderful and during the 23 days we did side trips to just about all the resorts and none came close to Pop, The Menu, prices, variety and quality was exceptional! The only thing that was a hassle was the Bus’s, 45 minute - 1 hour waits were not uncommon for a seat (DW has a medical issue where she can not balance standing on a bus.), time of day did not matter, and we did notice that a few of the drivers were NOT Disney quality and either rude and just plain scary drivers but on the whole most were top notch. The only times the bus’s were on time was when the “White Van Man” was sitting in the parking lot calling bus’s or if there was someone recording when and what bus’s came.

Ok I’m babbling again, off to bed!!!

BTW, Mickey you ROCK, thanks for setting up our dream vacation!


Wow, 3 weeks! How fun that must have been-can’t wait to read about your trip!


wow i wish i could have gone for 23 days. Wow your one lucky persson!!! i would do anything to go for that long


Sounds like a fantastic time, especially since you had 23 days to do everything! I can’t wait to hear more details in a trip report (hint, hint). :wink: :happy:


Sorry you lost your post but - WOW 23 days at WDW. Cant wait to see pictures! :mickey:


Wow, 23 days!! That would be so much fun. I couldn’t even imagine being able to stay for so long. I can’t wait to hear more!


23 Days! Now thats a dream come true. Welcome back! I wish I was tired from 23 Days at Disney instead of just being tired! :closedeye


Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!


WOW! Long trip! That is a total dream! I am SO excited for this - the longest trip length - trip report!!!
Welcome home :mickey:


So where is the report, already?


wow long trip I would love to be able to do that