We're Back... :(


Hey everyone!

We have returned…

Trip Report to come, but I will warn you it will be SLOW… I just now had a chance to come and say we were back! And we have been back for 4 days!! :ohmy:


Welcome back, Ron. :sad:

Take your time. I know the feeling. I haven’t announced WE’RE back and it’s been over 2 weeks!

I’ll race you to be the last one to complete a trip report!


Welcome Home!!


Hi MickeyRon! I hope you had a fantabulous trip!!! Take your time, but I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Welcome back! I can’t wait to hear your side of the story.


But your trip was good, right? I’m not sure if the sad face is “I’m sad to be home” or “we’re are back and it was a rotten trip”. Please let us know it was a great trip.


Welcome back… can’t wait to read your TR


Welcome back! We’d love to read your TR whenever you get around to. Hope you had a good time.


Welcome back!


Welcome home!


Looking forward to the details, no matter how long it takes. :happy: