We're Booked!


I just got off the phone with Member Services. We booked a week in a 2 Bedroom Vacation Home in October. I can’t wait!!! :mickey:


YEAH!!! That is great news!


Woohoo! Sounds perfect.


Which Resort are you staying at?


Saratoga Springs Resort :mickey:


Sounds like a good time in the making!! Congrats!


Saratoga Springs is our Home resort. DW and I stayed there in a Studio for 3 nights a couple of weeks ago. We really thought it was nice. We stayed in Congress Park which is the closest to Downtown Disney.


Congrats on your latest trip! I am also going in october and am staying at a 2-BR at OKW.


Congrats! We (DH and I) are thinking of looking into DVC on our next trip! Or maybe it’s his way of getting me to go more!


Have a great trip!


We had a 2-bedroom at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort in 2004 in Congress Park and loved it!

I am now on a wait list for a 2-bedroom villa at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort July 29th through August 5th. The resort is right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Have fun!



Have fun, fun, fun!!! :c)
Very exciting!


We love SSRS and have stayed there three times (and a fourth coming up), including a stay one month after the opening. Hope you enjoy the stay as much as we have every time … Welcome to DVC !!!


I just got the Reservation Confirmation in the mail!!! I love getting mail from :mickey:


Super congratulations!!

The countdown HAS begun!! :mickey:


Welcome to DC and welcome to the DVC! Our first trip with DVC is in Sept. We are very excited and I bet you are too!