We're booked!


We’re all booked for my sister’s graduation celebration! We’ll be driving the night to WDW after she graduates to eat breakfast at Chef Mickey’s and spend the day at MK. I’m still waiting for the Tomorrowland Dessert Party to open up for booking, but until then I have us booked for dinner at California Grill. We’ll drive down that night to the Residence Inn by Marriott, and we’ll take the shuttle to Port Canaveral to board the Monarch of the Seas in the morning! Then we’ll meet up with all of the other families - we may or may not have my sister’s best friend with us at WDW and boarding the ship.

Then after the cruise, most of the families are going to go to one of the Disney parks for the day - TBD. I wish they’d decide now so I can figure out my ADRs!!! :laugh: I’m just assuming my Mom, Dad, and I will do our own thing, but I need to know whether or not Rachel will get to hang out with her friends.

We’ll be spending two nights at the Beach Club Resort! I’m excited to stay there - my dad and I were deciding between the Beach Club and the Polynesian, but figured that we might as well try out a new resort - especially since it’s summer and we can take advantage of Stormalong Bay!

Like I’ve vented before, some of the parents have kind of forgotten the purpose of this trip - to celebrate the girls’ graduation. So, I’ve been trying very hard to make this trip special for them. I’ve set them up at their own table for dinner. I’m working on getting them an excursion in Nassau, though some girls will be required to do excursions with their families. I just figure that it will be much safer for them to be on a scheduled excursion than for them to be wandering the straw market. Actually, it’s really the only way they can safely be on their own and the only think I’d be comfortable with. I’m just hoping that the parents don’t make me go along to chaperone because it’s really difficult for the cool big sister to have to lay down the law - so much peer pressure! I feel like they’d be more mature if they didn’t have someone babysitting them.

Back to Disney - any Beach Club area restaurant recommendations?

I have us booked for breakfast at Cape May Cafe on the day we leave. I’ve actually been trying to avoid seafood restaurants because I feel like we’ll get enough of that on the cruise. The only other ADRs I’ve booked are Crystal Palace for Friday night and Coral Reef for Saturday night - I may or may not change those.


Not a restaraunt, but one thing I enjoy doing is getting baked goods at the Boardwalk Bakery the night before and sitting on the porch the next morning with my coffee and a good book. Makes the am rush more relaxing than having to run out for breakfast before hitting the parks or heading home the next day.


Flying Fish!!!


What about Yachtsman Steakhouse? That seems like anything but seafood.


How late does Stormalong Bay usually stay open in the summers?


If I am not mistaken, 11 or 12:00.


Victoria -

You sound like you have it all under control. Don’t let the other parents get in your way. Give them due dates to get back to you and if they don’t, book who has responded and move on. Don’t make it where it’s more chore then fun for you. Your sister is very lucky to have you making this a special trip.:heart: