We're eating at Blue Bayou!


We’re eating at Blue Bayou! :happy: We’re eating at Blue Bayou! :happy: And in June!

I read a post on another site this morning that someone had gotten priority seating for June 27th. So I called Disney Dining and they are taking reservations for the last week in June! So I made a res for June 30th!!! :biggrin:

So that means PotC has to be open that week! Yay for me (and Jessica, she gets to go too)!

Sorry…I just got a little over-excited and had to share! :ninja:


Yay! Good for you! I’ve never eaten there but I heard it’s wonderful, and you get to go on POTC!!


Good for you!! I can’t wait to hear about it, it sounds wonderful.


Yay! I’m jealous…:tongue:…I’ve never eaten there!! Can’t wait to hear how much you loved it!


you go girl(s)
Don’t forget to take notes for us.


Yay! I’m excited for you.

Blue Bayou was my first real “Disney Restaurant” experience. It was magical. I’ll never forget it. :wub:


OH MY GOSH!!! You have NO idea how ESTATIC I was when I got Joy’s (twist’s) message this morning that she got a PS at Blue Bayou!!! I think I jumped off the couch faster than having hot coals under my bottom and dialed up RIGHT AWAY!!!

I made mine for Wed. the 28th which is the same night I have the Fantasmic Premium package!! I am SO psyched!!

THANK YOU JOY!!! I owe you one!


I believe POTC re-opens on the 24th of June.

I actually never knew there was a restaurant there.
I remember people sitting and eating, but there was no connection with it being a place to eat. :wacko: :laugh:

As such I have never eaten there, but if I actually plan my next trip to Disney, it will be my first Reservation :smile:



I was just reading, I think, that they’re upgrading the menu? I can’t wait to hear all about it!

…grumble grumble… can’t make my BB ADR until June 24th…

ETA… OH! I see another thread all about the new menu! :laugh: Nevermind! :laugh:



Now…this is my request…will you PLEASE write a Trip Report!!!

I LOVE LOVE reading WDW TR’s but I even more LOVE LOVE reading DL trip reports because Ive never been there!


be sure to request wasterside seating at the door!



Do you RRREEEAAALLLLYYY doubt that I would write one Bella!! :laugh: :tongue: :happy:


Andrea, I have the PDF file of the new menu that they e-mailed to me. If you’d like to see it just PM me your e-mail address and I will forward it to you. :happy:

60 seconds… Loddy Doddy, we’s likes to pahhh-tay.


Wow, that would be really obsessive of me, wouldn’t it?

PMing you now…! :laugh:


I am so jealous! Have a Monte Cristo for me!


awesome!!! congrats!!! I would go to DL just to eat there. It’s on my to-do list, hehe. Post a little meal TR about it when you get back! :slight_smile:


You will love it! It was one of our favorite places to eat at when we went there last Nov. I had some kind of stuffed chicken breast and it was excellent. Although we were stuffed, we couldn’t pass up the chocolate cake for dessert. Yummy!! The atmosphere is amazing. I had always wanted to eat there ever since my first visit to DL. Then when we went to WDW, I kept looking for the restaurant and realized they didn’t have it there.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TWIST!!! Big news update!!! I JUST got off the phone with DL dining b/c I wanted to be kind and cancel my Carnation Cafe PS b/c we got into Blue Bayou and the CM said (his name was Chad and I am quoting him, hehe) “If you have a PS the ride will DEFINATELY be open, they would not do one without the other!” And I was like, “OK, so it won’t be random openings or soft openings or anything like that?” And he said, “No, it will be a full opening by then.”

OMMMGGGG!!! We’re going to ride Pirates!! I think we need to ride it once together!
(and if it’s not open I am holding Chad at DL Dining personally responsible :tongue: )


Very kewl! I just love the BB!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’m bouncing in my chair right now! Name the day and time and the Pirate Princesses will ride PotC!!! :pirate: