We're going again!


Well, we were heading to the bingo parlor…
Oh, sorry, I lost my train of thought, but that is how it seemed the planning for this trip has went. We wasn’t even planning a trip this year. We were going to wait until our 10th anniversary(which is next year)and go then. Well, free dining came back! We started crunching numbers and realized we did have some tickets left that had days on them. So, we booked a 5 night stay at POP at the end of September with the free dining and 1 day base tickets. All I have to do now is book airfare. I am sooo excited!!


Way to go!
Dont you just love it when a plan comes together! We are currently in the process of crunching numbers ourselves, to see if we can fit in a WDW weekend getaway towards the end of summer, after our cruise! :mickey:


That’s great!! We weren’t planning on going this year and after a nice bonus and raise, we’re now staying 9 lovely nights at the Poly!! What a pleasant surprise.


That’s great news!


Good for you!!


Yay! That sounds great!!


Congrats to you!!


Have a good time, we will be at WDW 9/28 to 10/5. See you there!


Yeah, it is great when everything comes together just right. Hope everything works out for you!


That’s great! :mickey: