We're going back for Christmas!


My wonderful DH told me yesterday to book for christmas!
This will make our 3rd trip to Florida this year! He said we had to get the use out of our AP’s!
So we are going to spend a total of 49 days in Florida this year, most of it will be offsite due to needing the space with the girls,(10days at AKV!) but I don’t mind that much as I will be alot closer to WDW, than staying in cold Scotland for the summer!


Congrats! That is so awesome!!!:heart:


:wub: Thats fantastic, ""It’s the most wonderful time of the year :laugh:


Congrats! You will love christmas. I just got back from disney at christmas and it was beautiful


:laugh::laugh::laugh: “Cold Scotland for the summer” :laugh::laugh::laugh:

WOW so your having 3 trips in one year how lucky are you :cool:


:laugh: That is great! We have always wanted to go in December to see the decorations. Do your girls have a long break from school or are they too young? Either way, that’s awesome


The girls will miss 1 and a half days of school but they don’t do anything apart from watch videos and play games! I had to wait until my eldest DD had been to her christmas dance on the tuesday and let her have wednesday to recover before we left!


We were there for christmas 3 years ago and loved it! Reading all the trip reports just made me want to go back! So hassling DH via email while he has been away working, worked out just great for us! :laugh:


[QUOTE=jimbo;920681]:laugh::laugh::laugh: “Cold Scotland for the summer” :laugh::laugh::laugh:

I did live on the suffolk coast and that was cold but at least it warmed up in summer! But Scotland is cold most of the year round! We do get a few days of warm weather in May!!!


YAY! congrats!!!


That is great news… have a wonderful time.


Sounds great! Congrats on the 3 trips. (50 days in all? That’s awesome!!)


yes but its not just the cold:eek: its also dark so much:laugh:

You have a fantastic time in Disney I’m sure you girls will love you forever for taking them out of school and making them go to Disney world


That is great news. I am so glad that y’all get to go back again for Christmas. :smile:


Ooooo I am so jelous!! Your so so lucky! Have an amazing time, we were there just after christmas almost 3 years ago no in 06 and it was amazing!


Congratulations!:happy: You’re married to a great guy. (BTW - if you want someone to house-sit in cold Scotland - just let me know! I’ll be on the next plane.:happy:)


If you can house sit and cat sit that would be great! What plane can I expect you on???
Don’t forget you wellies, hats and gloves! As well as you thermal undies! :biggrin: