We're going to Disney again!


So, my DH and I have a trip planned to go to Disney in May 2008, we are going with my MIL and Step-FIL this time. So, it will be Myself, DH, DD, MIL and SFIL.
Well, in the meantime, my FIL and Step-MIL asked us if we want to go with them in January, and they have DVC!!! So…who am I to turn down a trip to DISNEY!!! So, now my DH, DD, and myself will be going in January and again in May!!!
And the GREATEST part about all of this, is that my father-in-law and Step-mother-in-law are paying for the whole January trip!!! I am soooo excited!!!:goofybounce:


How cool!! Two trips!! Now all you need is some Annual Passes, and you’re good to go!


Oh how nice a free trip!! Gotta love that !


Haha! That is a good question for me to figure out. Would it be cheaper to buy a weekly parkhopper for both trips, or buy an annual pass? I will have to check into that. I am sure it would probably be cheaper to just buy the parkhopper passes for both weeks.


Free trips are the best!!!


Lovin’ the free trip!!:heart: Congrats to you!!


Woohoo! Thats great! Very lucky indeed, by time you get home you’l be packing again and ready to go!


Depending on how many days you will be there for, the AP is less expensive than hopper passes for two weeks!! Check out the info on Mousesavers.com concerning tickets. You also get good room discounts at different times during the year.