We're going to Disney!


Ok, so I am “too excited to sleep”! My team ( Auburn Tigers) are playing a little bowl game near Anaheim, so I convinced my husband to make it into a trip. So, we are going to Disneyland!!!

So, how should I tell my son? He will be so excited to go to Disneyland and to the bowl game!!!


When is it? Can you make a “sign” and wrap it up for Christmas? That’s a great surprise gift.

Have fun. I really want to go back to DL…it’s been almost 20 years !!


Yay!!! So excited for you. That’s on my bucketlist. Never been to DL, let alone out West at all. Have fun with the planning!


I’ve always wanted to go to the rose parade and to DL. If I’m going west might as well make a big trip of it!!


Oh…I almost forgot…if you get to the Parade, wave to the marching band from Westfield High School in Chantilly va. They are from the school where my daughter teaches. The marching found has been raising funds for the past year. My daughter teaches Choral Music not band so she’s not going along, but she knows some of the students going. Everyone is very excited!!!


We are so excited to go. I will have a 14,11,and 2 year old… It will be a little chaotic, but a fun trip! My kids have no idea… I have an Auburn bowl that I might wrap up with a Disneyland brochure in it, and game tickets… We will see if my son gets that he is going to the “bowl” game. LOl- I am so sneaky! :wink: I have only planned one meal so far… and I would like more ideas, but nothing to swanky-we are traveling with my very very vocal 2 year old… :wink:


I am not sure of your traveling dates but the bowl game I believe is on jan 6th,please refer to ride closures because after the holidays they get closed for turn down like the haunted mansion etc…we were just there and no time frame for thunder reopening that being said you will enjoy yourself just being there


media.disneywebcontent.com/.../D-MailPDF/IntlDmailDLRefurbishments.pdf…this might help you should be able to copy and paste that link hopefully


THANK YOU! I haven’t thought about the closings, but we will have fun, no matter what!


So what meal do you already have planned? I do like to take kids to Carnation Cafe if you have time to sit down for breakfast. Oscar is nice to the kids and often hands out “First Visit” buttons. :happy:

Only one day? More than one? Where are you staying? More details, please.


We are staying for 5 nights… going to the parks for 3 or 4 days… We are going to Carnation Cafe for lunch, staying at Paradise Pier…because we got the last room available while we are there of any Disney rooms. I am thinking that it will be crowded.



Three or four days works great for a crowded park. Rope drop rope drop rope drop and you’ll be able to see and do it all!


Thanks! We are so excited!