Were going to DisneyLand


Hi all, I just wanted to post here and say that the magical day has finally arrived and we will be driving to Anaheim tomorrow morning at about 6:00am and we’re very excited to do so. We’ve been there a few times in the past, but this will be a first time visit to DCA. So, this will be like a new experience for us. If anyone has any suggestions of things they liked doing there and would recommended my wife and I doing, please post them. Or, if you have any type of DisneyLand insider scoops, let us know this too.

This is a great message board for people like myself who has questions, because you’ll get the answers. There are a lot of nice people here to make great conversation with. Thanks again!

DisneyLand or Bust…


Well I LOVE DL and live like 2 blocks away. I know LOTS of insider scoops, just ask ne thing and I most Likely know the answer to it. My first suggestion would be to get a good view of the scenery and enjoy ur self! :-). Also go for the bigger rides when u get there for they will be the most crowded or do the bigger ones at lunch when the ride lines go down. Or do them during the firework show or fantasmic!. Also dont miss out on the TOT, California Screamin, The Maliboomer, and The Sunwheel. I would also recommend going on a walk down Downtown Disney, its pretty cool :-). Oh and, the castle is COMPLETLY covered, so all you’ll be seeing is a giant navy blue tarp covering the castle. And there is alot of painting still going on around the parks. But that in no way ruins ur trip :slight_smile: :-). OH and…Have fun at The Happiest Place on Earth! :slight_smile:


When in DCA be sure to eat at the corn dog hut, but only order one each. Our first time there we all ordered 2 and boy was that too much food. If you don’t have little ones don’t wait for any of the rides in Bugs Life area, but the show is a don’t miss!


Speaking of going to Disneyland - so are we!
In an odd show of ‘double disney dipping’ :mickey: , I’ll be at WDW and then at DLR within 2 weeks of each other.
Then I think I ought to find new places to visit for a while. :dry:
Actually, finding out that a good chunk of the Magic Kingdom will be undergoing refurbishment for the 50th Birthday party is a bit of a downer, particularly since we’re going to celebrate a fun event ourselves. But We’ll definitely make the most of the “magic”, and will keep in mind that whatever we didn’t get to see this time (the Castle, Fantasmic!, Small World, Matterhorn, etc…) will be fodder for a future visit sometime after the 50th celebration is over.


Yea, Disneyland has aloot of things closed and covered up right now and for a while to come…in order to prepare for the 50th anniversary. But I cant wait until the 50th Starts!! And even though u’ll be going before the 50th it will still be loooots of fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So, how was your trip?


Yea very good question Disneywife…how was your trip? Im hoping you had a wonderful time.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: