We're going to the MK on Tuesday!


We’re going down tomorrow night to have dinner with Wishy and Dan! We’re going to stay in our Orange Hotel and then go to the MK on Tuesday morning!!!

I’m SO excited!!!

We haven’t been IN a WDW park in well over a year!!! OMG!!


Over a year? Have a great trip!


Have a super magical time! :heart:


Thanks!! WE will have a great time!

We’ve been down to DtD and to US/IOA several times this year but no actual PARK ACTION!!

We’re so excited!


Lucky you!!


How are the crowds? I bet on a Tuesday it won’t be bad, right?


Have a SUPER time!! take a zillion pics because I look forward to reading your TR’s!


Awwwww!! Thanks!! We will take so many pictures. I can’t wait to see Wishy and going to the MK the next day is just icing on my little cuppycake!!


Tuesday should be perfect. Least crowded day. No emh people overcrowding you. Have a great time.

Country Bears under refurb. No Spectro. Be sure and enquire about when the 3 o’clock parade will be held. Wishes at 9 p.m.

and take care of your camera


Have a great time and take lots of pics!!! :happy:


Is it just you and your DH going?? or are the kids coming too?


Have fun!!!