We're headed back!


In just over 32 hours we board our plane, and YES, I am so excited I can barely sleep! All packed, all confirmed, and very tired of waiting! Bring on the mouse!!!


hehe, have a magical trip :smile:


Know how ya feel. On our way right now, past Mobile AL about 20 min ago. 7 hrs down, 7 1/2 to go. Woohoo Mickey here we come!


Have a magical trip! We can’t wait to hear all the details!


8 days and counting!


Going back in about a month…


Have a great time Shannon. So far the weather looks good for us. :wub: Lets hope it stays that way all week.


So excited for you!!! Have a magical trip and be safe everyone. 50 days for me…YAY!!!


Ok, so I am going to bed, I NEED to sleep, and will be up in about 6 hours! I am so excited, I feel like I could puke! I know, TMI!!! For some reason, this trip has me so anxious! Can’t wait!

Have fun everyone who is going while we are gone! Maybe we will run into some of you! If you see us, say hi!!!


Hey Shannon, have a terrific trip. It seems like just yesterday you were going on your trip to SSR. Well, anyway, have a great time and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!! ha ha ha!!. Have fun and stay safe.


Yay I hope you are getting some much-needed rest!! Heaven knows I can never get to sleep the night before. Have a magical trip!!! :heart: