We're Here! - Live trip report


We arrived at the Contemporary yesterday afternoon. It was a surprise for Gene and Rachel, they thought we were going to be at the CBR. I had even scanned my reservation and changed the information to look like it would be at CBR, but then I drove up here. Our room is on the 7th floor, almost exactly in the middle of the tower, facing the MK. We have an outstanding view!

First thing we did was rent the little speed boats. This is the first time Rachel has ridden alone and she was very intimidated. I hope she liked it enough to try it again. Gene and I had a great time.


We took it easy for our first day, since Gene is still recovering from surgery to repair his ruptured achilles tendon. I think it’s going to be a slow, easy vacation. We rode the boat over to the WL to check out the Christmas decorations and sat in the lounge for a drink. Then we brought the boat back and took the monorail over to the Poly to check out their decorations.

We also had dinner at Kona Cafe. The food was as wonderful as always, but the service was bad. My drink was gone halfway through my meal and she never asked if we wanted refills until after we had finished eating. Rachel asked for chopsticks for her meal - 4 times before she got them.

The highlight of our night was coming back to the room and watching Wishes from our balcony. The view was perfect and I’ll have pictures for you soon. The room is gorgeous, we all loved the decor.

Today, we’re off to check into Beach Club Villas for the rest of our stay and then we’re heading for Epcot!

Oh, yeah, I’m posting from the computer set up in our room and internet is free while they’re trying it out. They have a nice size monitor set up with a snall keyboard and there’s lots of information about the resort and WDW and also an option to go on the internet. Cool beans! :smile:


It sounds pefect so far. Free internet and a computer in the room? That is cool beans. Can’t wait to hear more about this trip.


Yea, another live trip report! It sounds like a great start to your stay, I hope the rest of your trip is as good. Have fun and enjoy.


I can’t wait to read more!! Take lots of pictures and have fun.:mickey:


We’re all checked into our room at BCV. I asked if we could have a room that was close to the Beach Club and our room is perfect! It wasn’t ready when we got here, so we went over to Epcot and they called me around 11:00 to tell me it was ready. We got fastpasses for Soarin’ and rode Living with the Land and Journey into your Imagination and got a quick snack. By then it was time for Soarin’. We also did some shopping in Japan and then had lunch at Beaches and Cream. We decided to get settled into our room and Gene discovered that the Eagles football game is on tv, so I get some time to play on the internet while he watches the game. Then we’re going swimming for a bit.

Our plans for tonight are to see Osborne Lights and have dinner at Cape May Cafe. Our touring this trip is going to be very leisurely due to Gene’s leg, but that’s okay with us.


Here’s a link to pictures I took on our first day. The castle pics were taken from our balcony at the Contemporary.

SuiteDisney/Day 1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Here’s a link to pictures I’ve taken so far on our second day…

SuiteDisney/Day 2 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


What an amazing view from your balcony!!! Great pics all around!


Wow, good for you! Enjoy, especially because it’s sleeting here.


Great pictures!!


Wow! What a nice surprise- to log on a find a live TR with beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!! Have a lot of fun!!!:heart:


Great pics! Good to hear you are having a good time. Relaxing a bit sounds nice, we are always go, go, go. Enjoy every minute of it.



Hope you are enjoying your stay! :cool:

Sorry to hear about bad service at Kona’s… :ohmy:

Bad service at breakfast can ruin the mood for the entire day… :pinch:


WOW… live TR! Thanks for sharing so far. Great pics!


We had a good long swim in Stormalong Bay, the water was warm enough to be comfortable, but cool enough to be refreshing and the three of us swam around and around and around the lazy river.

We decided to drive over to the Studios so we would have less walking for Gene, but there were no close parking spots, so we decided to go to the Premier outlets instead and save the studios for another night. We were back about an hour before our dinner reservations, but we asked if they had anything available earlier. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and then we had a clam bake feast.

We’re back to our room now and we’re facing Epcot, so we’re going to watch the Illuminations fireworks from our balcony. We won’t be able to see the lower stuff, but we were in this exact room before and we’ll have a good view of the fireworks.

We’re on an early schedule now and Gene and Rachel didn’t sleep well, so we’ll have an early night and get to the AK tomorrow morning for early entry.


I love the pool at BC. I’m loving your pictures and TR so far. I am really getting excited for our trip in a couple of weeks!!!


Congrats on your Contemporary room! Your pics look great.


Glad to hear your having a good time and we love the pictures. Great view from the room


I love live reports!!! Glad to hear your having a good time!!