We're Home - A Day Early


We got back Sunday, which should have been Monday, but we drove and DH wanted to get a “good start” so we would have time at home to get settled before we went back to work on Tuesday. Also, there was concerns at that point whether leaving on Monday would be crowded cause of Fay evacuations. I pouted the whole way home cause of missing an entire day. In fact, it’s taken me a while to do the trip report because I’m just sad. The trip didn’t go as I had hoped. I knew with a 16 year old son, that this may be one of our last Disney family trips, as we are vacationing in Arizona next year, and then off to college the following year, but I actually thought we would do everything as a family because of that…NOT! DS from the start didn’t want to get up, didn’t want to do the parks, didn’t want to do anything we were doing. DH took this better than me, as he knew at this age, DS is trying to become more independant, but it really hit me hard that he didn’t participate as I had hoped. A couple of days in DH saw it was really affecting me so he had a man to man talk with DS, so it got better and we really had some good times and memories, but the realization that my boys are not kids anymore, that they are growing into young men, really had hit me hard.

So, I don’t believe I’m going into day to day details, as my emotions will go into overload, so I will list highlights:

  1. Got a dream coming off of Splash Mountain. DH, DS 13 yr old and myself got fastpass dream at MK. I asked the CM if we could have one for DS 16, who was sleeping in at the resort, and he said he was afraid he couldn’t, so I said Okay, I understand and started to walk away, numb that he missed this opportunity because of his new found independence, and then the CM said “wait a minute,” and handed me one for DS and said “Have a Magical Day.” He really had no way or knowing how much that meant to me, as that was one of our best days, once we got DS 16 to meet us there to take advantage of the Fastpasses.

  2. Even though it had rained here and there, weather was great. Two years ago August, it was hot, in the 90’s and 100% humidity. This time, high 80’s and humidity 40% to 70%. What a nice surprise.

  3. Noticed how many foreigners were enjoying WDW. Majority seemed to be British. I’m assuming the conversion of the dollar is good. What a great group of people we were around the entire week. No crazy stories. Everyone happy, having a good time. But, I do think USA needs to re-evaluate our vacation standards. DH still only gets 2 weeks vacation, after 20 years in the business. Everyone we spoke with were there 3 and 4 weeks, which I can’t imagine in my line of work, and anyone elses I know would allow that much time off at once.

  4. Drove straight through from Illinois to and from WDW. 18 hours to get there, 17 hours back to home!

  5. Lines for rides really weren’t that bad. Mornings, we would only wait 10 minutes, and as the day went on, got longer and longer, but not pathetic (except for Toy Story Mainia!)

  6. Stayed at AKL again. The more I stay there, the more I love it. We really used the resort a lot this time. The library is so peaceful and I loved sitting in the lobby people watching. It’s just a good place to be.


Welcome back! I totally agree, the weather was much better than expected. I agree with the British observation as well. I think people are definitely taking advantage of the dollar conversion.

Sorry to hear about your son. I can somewhat relate on the other side; I graduate college in a year so I will be out in the real world pretty soon. I was glad to have this family vacation in before that happens.

Glad to hear you had a good time overall, and thanks for sharing. :happy:


Yikes, growing children. But think about it, you have the little princesses still around you. When my boys leave, it’ll be at the same time all at once :crying: Our family vacation days are pretty much over as well.

But you did have a good time. Great getting the dream and how nice of the CM to let you have that one for your DS.


Your trip sounds very nice, despite the family drama and arriving home a day early. Any photos to share?


Yes. I’ve always avoided adding photos cause always had trouble figuring it out. Will try again.


Here’s the start of our trip, pulling into AKL. What a wonderful site!!!


We had another great room, not too far down the hallway, but great views. Here’s an example of what I woke up to every morning:


The Gang…Me, DS16 (Matthew), DS13 (Joey) and DH:


Here’s what the Dream Fastpasses look like:


I can relate to the “travelling with teens” dilemna. We’ve been pretty fortunate all things considered. Our compromise works this way. We go to whichever park has the morning EMH. Each person gets to pick one attraction that the whole family has to do together. Once those four “family” attractions are complete, everyone can go on their own with a predetermined lunch meeting time and place.

After lunch everyone can to their own thing (and they can park hop if they have thier cell phone) until dinner. Everything after dinner is family together time. Sometimes DW may have to “bow out” of the evening activities due to physical problems, but the rest of us head out together.

Worked last trip when DD was 18 and DS was 16. In January, it will be 20 and 18, so I’m not sure what we’ll do this time.


Even though Joey’s birthday is at the end of the month, we decided to celebrate it at Disney. As you can tell by his expression, he was not as willing to participate as I would have hoped. I believe he left the pin on him a whole hour!


Thank you for the report. I am sorry that some of it was sad for you. Kids getting older isn’t easy…I still want my DD to be 7 forever.:wub:


It sounds like you had a great time…for the most part!! Getting the dream fastpasses must have been so COOL!!! I’m glad they gave you one for your DS16 too!! That is usually a big no no - so I’m glad the CM bent the rules for you!!

Any more pictures???

Thanks for sharing your TR!


Only remembered to take one food picture. Here’s breakfast from the bakery at Magic Kingdom. They have the best yogurt parfait, with huge chunks of fruit. (As you can see, it was a “sleep in” day for DS16, as there are only 3 items shown, instead of 4.


Keep the photos and TR coming! Sorry you had to leave a day early but with Fay a possibility, you had to do what you had to do! Growing kids… I remember being one and dying to get away from my family, now that I am a mom of my own 3, I will do anything to keep them from growing so quickly! If only we understood while we were young!


We thought this was kind of funny. This was early in the morning at Epcot, near the Soaring entrance. This guy decided to take a nap in the most unusual place. After a while we started contiplating to go over and check to see if he was breathing. Other people were watching him too.


Here’s my absolute favorite picture of them all. DH held the camera up at the beginning of Space Mountain and clicked!


That’s pretty much it as far as pictures. Thanks all for the words of encouragement, as I’m realizing others are in the same boat as me. I kept putting off my trip report because of emotions, but to tell you the truth, getting the pictures organized really put a smile on my face and felt good.


I love that picture!!! What a great shot. Captures the moment perfectly.:happy:


DSs look like they are having a good time.