We're Home! : (


Hey Everyone…

MickeyRon and the crew have made it back home…

I am hoping to post a TR soon and pictures too!!

Quick Points for those who can’t wait!..

For any that are getting ready to leave… USE Photopass and buy the CD 99.00 I know it sounds like a steep price, but we have over 350 pictures and it gives you full Copy Rights (except for selling of course) it gives you the overlays and the original pics!!! Best deal I found this trip!!..

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
What a wonderful experience… pricey, but so worth it for your little princess! Couple of pointers… three packages… go with the second and use the above suggestion… the third package includes shoes, wand, and a picture package (Select Pictures)… but we did the second package and still did the same photos and just had them on the CD… same quality and we can have them ALL printed at home for a cheaper price… PLUS if you go to CRT you get a wand!! In my opinion the shoes are not worthy of park walking anyway…

Saratoga Springs
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! We had a rental, even without they have Resort Shuttles, but it’s a beautiful place to walk… More about this but it is just perfect in my opinion!!



Unfortunately, Welcome Back - Sorry you couldn’t stay longer.

Can’t wait to hear your TR!

I am definitely interested in the Photopass in detail - I should say my wife is. 350 pics is alot!


Wow, it seems like you just left! Welcome back! Waiting to hear more!


Welcome back, and thanks for the great tips. Sorry if the PDD is setting in, you should see a specialist :tongue:


Sorry you’re back Ron… (Take that how you want…:laugh:)

I enjoyed your calls…but I never got a e-postcard from Imagination… :angry:

27 days to go and you’ll be chillin’ at The DewMan’s casa for race weekend… HOORAY!!!


That stinks… I sent a really “cool” one too! You would have enjoyed it… l will keep hoping that it shows up!!

I know you love that I am back and posting at DC… You never know what to do when I am away!

Can’t wait for race day!! Really looking forward to it!!


Hope you had a great trip! Get that TR thread going!


How sad your trip is already over, but welcome back anyway!!! Can’t wait to start reading your TR.


Welcome BACK!!! I know it stinks to be back, but we missed you.

NOw get to work on that TR!!




Be careful with the word “we” Erin… :laugh:


Welcome back, Ron!! We (yes, WE) missed you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Was I not clear on the “we” policy? :laugh:


Welcome back Ron! Glad to hear you had so much fun, especially with the girls! Can’t wait to read the TR-so get going!

And hey, wait a minute, we never got a wand at CRT? Is that new?


“Welcome Home” (just a little reminder of SSR for you) :wink:
Can’t wait for the trip report!


Not sure, but I think it is part of the additions… you make a wish you also get a wishing star and photo’s… pretty cool… JUST BE SURE TO GO WITH THE ATTITUDE OF GETTING A PRICELESS MEMORY cause it is anything but priced less! LOL


Welcome back unfortunatly!!!

For those of us having a crappy Saturday…please write that TR!


Ron, WELCOME HOME!!! I am so glad you had such a great time. I can’t wait to read your TR!

And as for the Photo Pass CD…WOW!! 350 pics is a lot!!! I think that is a GREAT deal! I mean, how much does WDW charge PER picture?? Definitely a value buying the CD. But how on earth did you guys get 350 pics taken of yourselves? Did you guys even stop to eat, or were you posing for the cameras all the time?? LOL… :wink:


They had pics taken WHILE they were eating…and apparently, every other second of the day too… :biggrin:


Welcome Home Ron.


This coming from the guy that sleeps with his camera!! The same guy that drags his family around the park with a camera and tripod to get “the” picture… the same guy that won’t go home at night when the CM’s and HIS family want to go home to bed so that he can get that “perfect” Night Shot!!.. WHATEVER DEW!! :tongue: :tongue: :biggrin:

I do need to explain that the CD includes the original photo without overlays…when you add the overlay that counts as an additional pic… an overlay is the MK2006 logo for example… so we actually have approximately 175 pics on the CD and 300 personal pics and probably about 3 hours of video footage for those who are counting!! :biggrin: :whistling