Were home


Just got home. It was a very relaxing trip with a few bumps along the way, BUT we also meet the greatest CM in the World!


Welcome Back! Looking forward to hearing all the details… :mickey:



Welcome home. You ARE doing a TR, aren’t you??? :biggrin:


Yes, I will start one soon.


Welcome back (and sorry you had to leave WDW :crying: ). I can’t wait to hear about your trip and this awesome CM. I always like to hear about their exceptional service.


Welcome back, I can’t wait ot hear about your trip.


Welcome Home can’t wait to hear about your exciting trip.


Welcome back! I cant wait to read your TR


how is it that we always go the same time but we never actually meet? LOL… welcome home!


Awe they sent you home…what did you guys do to deserve that!


It was great seeing both of you, can’t wait to read your TR!


I can’t wait to hear about your trip!!! I’m sorry we missed you, but we didn’t even get to go to WDW, really. (we hijacked a monorail for Miss Caisley, but that was all)

I really can’t wait to read every word!


I’m not sure, next time we need to work on that. :laugh:


Welcome back. Hope your trip was magical. I can’t wait for the TR.


It was really very sad :crying: I admitted that I did know Tigger…really…I had my picture taken with him on Main Street and everything.

Once I showed them the picture and they realized it was YOU, we were escorted out. :laugh: :laugh:

Unfortunately we had to come back to this awful place where we work to make some more money so we can go back!


I am sorry too, we were looking forward to seeing you again. Maybe the next trip. Did you get to ride Toy Story Mania while you were there? I hope so.


Miss Caisley has moved up to hijacking monorails :ohmy: WOW she is grown up now :laugh:


I hijacked one too for the first time but I am a little older than Miss Caisley.


I once was on a Monorail with a bunch of high school aged kids. They all recited the “Please step away from the doors…” announcement in unison. Very religion experience.


Welcome home!