We're Planning This Time!


We are a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda family when it comes to vacationing at WDW. Example: We left on a Saturday last month and when we got to the first purple sign said, “I dunno, which park to YOU want to go to?”
We’ve been lucky enough to go several times a year, usally just for a couple of days.
Well, this summer we’re PLANNING a trip for 6 nights. We originally were going to splurge and take a trip to England and Scotland, but then that witch named Wilma came and busted up the house and well, we had to re-prioritise.

So I know that most of you on here are uber planning gods and goddesses so I will let you all know what the latest idea is. It’s still in the fetal stage right now, but:
We want to spend the first night at PoP Century, then move on to AKL. I’ve heard that they have a room with a queen bed and bunk beds, which would be perfect as it will be me, my DH, DS15 and DStepD14. We want to stay at AKL for 3 nights then move to WL and hopefully get a villa for 3 nights. Do the hotels move the luggage for you? I’ve heard that they will.

It’ll be mid-June so I know it’ll be packed, so I want to get my reservations asap. When I called yesterday they said they didn’t have any specials for June posted yet. If I make ressies and then see specials, can I call and get the specials?
We’re APHs/Fla Residents.

We’re working on the list of restaurants we want to try and I’ll fill ya’ll in at another time. But now the Ambien is kicking in :closedeye so I’m heading off to bed! :sleeping:

Night all! :sleep:


Have fun planning, it’s have the fun for me.

Disney will move your luggage from resort to resort. We’ve done it and it worked well for us.


We’re moving between AKL & WL when we go, & I was told by the CM I talked to that you just need to let the concierge desk know about a day before where you’ll be going to & they take care of the bags. It’s called a continuing reservation, I think, but you still have to put 1 night’s deposit down for each hotel you stay at.


Hope you find the planning stages as fun as some of us do!


Yes - they will move the luggage, but either take it down the night before you move, or call them very early in the morning on the day you’re moving, because you must be in your room when they take the luggage. We found this out last time we moved from BWV to BCV. We had to wait around until about 10 a.m. before they came.