We're so excited at my house!


Guess where we will be tomorrow at this time? :happy::happy::happy:


Hmm, let me see if I can guess…:laugh:

Are you packed?


We’re mostly packed–have been since Sunday!:laugh: I had a few last minute things that needed to be washed this morning, so they’re in the washer now, and I plan on loading up the car before DH gets home from work. He said to leave it, and he’ll do it when he gets home, but I’m too excited to wait!:laugh:


There is always last minute laundry, no matter what!


YAY! I love that last minute feeling…enjoy and have a safe trip. Hope you have a great time!


awww…have a great and magical trip :smile:


I give up - Where will you be tomorrow?
Have fun and we’ll all be waiting to hear all about the trip


Have a great time :slight_smile:


Have lots of fun!:happy:


Universal? :laugh: Have a great time…


Have a magical trip! :heart:


Thanks, everyone! We’re almost ready to go. I can’t wait!!


Have a great trip!!! (Bring the sunscreen!)


Have an awesome trip!!!


Have awesome trip!!


OOoo your countdown is saying your 7hours away now! Sooo jelous! Have an amazing amazing trip!


Oh I’m so excited for you!! I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE the pre-Disney feeling! Have a wonderful trip!!!


I am so jealous! Have a great time! Travel safe!