Were there any official dates announced-can't find


I went searching through threads and couldn’t find out if there were any official dates set for the fantasyland/toontown refurbs. Are they supposed to start next year?


It’s starts in January and will conclude in 2013.


So it is kind of hard to figure out what is going to be down at any certain time-specifically looking at June 2010.


Very hard. I’ve a theory for Dumbo though. Due to it’s IMMENSE popularity, I really don’t think the ride will ever be “down,” but instead, when they’re building the new one, the current one will still be up and running, and after they finish building the new one, they’ll have that one open until they move the current one over to be next to it’s new brother.


I hope you are right Rowdy! My friend’s mother is worried Dumbo won’t be flying when we are there in Jan 2011!


Well, that’s a great theory- my DD would be devastated if Dumbo was down. I can’t wait to see all the changes that are going to be taking place! It’s going to be great!!