Were your little ones afraid of characters?


Were your very young children afraid of the characters on their first trip? If so, how long until they warmed up? Or did they ever?

I’m planning a trip for Sept and DD will only be 11 mo old. I don’t really intend to stand in lines for Meet & Greets but I definitely want to do a couple character dining experiences.

I know every child is different so I can’t assume DD will act exactly as yours have but I’m curious to see what everyone’s experience has been.


Our youngest was afraid on our first trip to DL she was 23 months at the time! She never really warmed up on that trip but she still wanted to see them and by the next year she was great!!

Being 11 months she may not be afraid yet!! And like you said, every kid is different she may not be afraid at all!!


Our youngest was afraid on our first trip to DL she was 23 months at the time! She never really warmed up on that trip but she still wanted to see them and by the next year she was great!!

Being 11 months she may not be afraid yet!! And like you said, every kid is different she may not be afraid at all!!


Our DS’s first trip he was 21 months old and loved all the characters w/o hesitation, however, our two DDs were 9months and 18months on their first trips and they were over-the-top terrified of the characters, even after watching their brother interact with the characters. Our girls really wouldn’t approach characters until they were 3years old and they were more comfortable with human characters (princesses etc.) than the “furry” characters.

Really every child is different and you won’t really know their reaction until that moment when they meet.

Just go with it, and pick up on your child’s limits. Our girls loved to wave to the characters from a distance and just throw kisses and the characters are great at picking up on kids who need a little distance.


How has your DD been in the past with meeting people such as Santa? You may want to see how she reacts to the Easter Bunny too. My DDs both did not like Santa or the EB when they were little but WDW was a whole other story. I have pictures of my DDs at about 16 and 18 months hugging and kissing Mickey and all the other characters. We were standing in line to meet Mickey and I put my oldest DD down when it was our turn just to see what she would do. She ran (as best she could at 16 months) to Mickey with open arms. The crowd of people behind us just thought it was the cutest thing they had ever seen. I kinda have to agree :wub:

Just try some of the less visited characters at first and see how she does. Just FYI some of the best times we have had meeting characters has been in Epcot and DS. The lines are much shorter at these parks then at the MK, at least that has been our experience. Epcot also has the Character Spot (I think that is what it is called) It is to your right just past Spaceship Earth going into Innovations. As you walk into Innovations look to your left and it is right there. You go in and basically get into one line and move from Character to Character. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Chip and Dale are the regulars there but we have also met other characters there. If you have a Disney Visa you can also go there at certain times and get a free picture of you with the characters.

Hope this helps. It really depends on the child. My girls are 6 and 8 and have been riding Splash Mountain since they were 3 and are now riding all the rides including RNR and Everest without a problem (well, except for a Yeti fear now and then)

Good Luck and have a great time. The characters are great too. If they see that a child is frightened they just move on, they do not try to make the child like them.


Funny you should ask…daughter now 17, but we first went when she was about 3 yrs old. Anyway, as soon as we walk into the Magic Kingdom, who do we see first???..the Big, Bad Wolf!! Oh yeah, there she goes, running for the exits! Needless to say, I had to basically carry her for every character pic that trip, except for Minnie Mouse. ;o)


Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted to know! She did fine with Santa as she slept through the whole thing! :laugh: Maybe we’ll try the Easter Bunny this weekend. Although, even I think Santa and the Easter Bunny are a bit of a strange and creepy tradition. :happy:

I love the idea of waving from a distance and blowing kisses…how adorable!! I definitely don’t want to push the issue and if we leave with not a single character pic, then so be it. There’s always next time! :wub:


:laugh: Too funny! My Mom said the exact same thing about me! My first trip was when I was 2 and the “Bee Bad Woop” terrified me so all of my character pics from that trip are of me being held by my aunt and glaring at them! :laugh:


We went to the Winnie the Pooh breakfast at Crystal Palace with my son and his family. Our grandson, Connor, was just one year old. Pooh and Tigger are his absolute favorites; he watches them on Disney Channel everyday. As soon as Pooh approached our table, Connor started to wail and buried his face in his dad’s neck. Needless, to say, Pooh passed by quickly, but on his second trip around the room Connor overcame his fear and just beamed with delight at all the characters. After that, whenever we saw a character in the parks, he wanted to run up and hug!


Aww, what a great Pooh to notice the fear and try again on round two! This is one of those reasons why the CM’s at WDW are so awesome. :wub:


My DD5 was until about 4, she still picks and chooses who and when!?

For a long time she would go near Minnie, but NOT Mickey (My Dad used to say "Why? Minnie is just Mickey in a dress! :glare:) :pinch:


When we moved to Fl., the first two years all our friends came to “visit” and we met them in WDW . . . they all have kids of all ages, and some kids just run into the characters arms, hugging them, others shy away or cry . . . you just never know what reaction you are going to get!?!?


Thanks bunches! :wub:


My DD was 2 on her first trip and LOVED the characters (she still does)! I had to watch her because she wanted to jump the lines and just run up and hug them! LOL

My DS will be 8 months when we go in May and I’m curious to see what he’ll be like too! Obviously he won’t be running up to them but still!


As a performer, my favorite children (not that they’re not all precious mind you) are the ones who’ve just learned how to walk. A majority of those children for whatever reason are fearless. They see the characters, grin from ear to ear, take the one or two steps that they can, and just fall into our arms. Wins me EVERY time.


Aww…tears in my eyes Rowdy! I’m hoping that’s about where DD will be when we’re there. She scoots around now so crawling shouldn’t be far and DH and I both walked on the early side (me at 8mo and him at 10mo). I’d love to see her toddle up to a character! It’d make a great video!


When we went with my niece, about 11mo, more towards a year. She wasn’t afraid of the characters that much. She did cry at Chef Mickeys though, but it was very chaotic and lots of characters coming up at once. But she lovedddd Donald! haha.

And my other niece cried a little at the ones that came up to her in the parades, but I think because it was so quick and she didn’t know what was going on. But she didn’t cry when we waited in line for the characters or anything like that. Especially not the face characters.