Wet 'n' Wild after Blizzard/Typhoon?


Our Disney passes allow us to freely come and go to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. My daughter today saw that Wet ‘n’ Wild is the best water park in USA though. So, my question is, is it worth splashing out (excuse the pun!) for this amazing water park or is it best to stick with Disney water parks? Or would we be better using up the day somewhere like Busch Gardens which I hadn’t really planned on going to either. If Wet ‘n’ Wild really is far superior to the Disney water parks, then perhaps we will have to add that to our schedule. But I’d love to know Mouse Buzzers opinions please.


We’ve been to Wet n’ Wild once. And I will never go again. I might be spoiled by Disney, but the the crowds there are a bit…rough. There are a lot of cool attractions at WnW but, in the summer, the lines are insane.

As for the best water park in the USA, I’m pretty sure the travel channel gave that title to Blizzard Beach 2 years ago and ABC news has ranked it number 2 on the list. (Wet n Wild didnt’ make the list) One more Top Ten list to check out:

Water Parks - Top Ten in the USA

I know that WnW was the first water park in the US but I dont think I’ve ever heard it called the best.

Have you been to BB or TL? They are amazing parks. Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet (The tallest free-falling body slide in the world) at BB and Crush n’ Gusher at TL offer some cool thrills. Don’t forget, TL is the home of the WORLD’S largest outdoor wave pool.

As for Bush Gardens, I haven’t been, but I would love to try it. We’re big time coaster fans in this house and I hear they have some good ones.


I completely agree. I won’t say they were horrible people, but it was mainly wild and crazy kids that were just driving us nuts. Disney is mainly families, and they aren’t rude or obnoxious in the same way. Wow, do I sound snooty? Maybe I am just getting old.


Yay! My #1 fav makes the #1 spot again, and my #2 & #3 make the #3 & #2 spot. Can’t go wrong with any of them. Me personally, I would have a hard time going to another water park while at WDW. Disney’s are a-maz-ing!! Don’t know much about the WnW in Orlando but if it’s anything like the one that was in Dallas, i’ll pass.


Save your money and stay at Disney. I haven’t been to wet n wild but love both of the Disney waterparks. I have been to Busch gardens and don’t remember a lot about it…obvioiusly it didn’t leave an impression…so probably not worth the money. I would do Seaworld if anything.


Thanks everyone!
That’s sorted then. No Wet ‘n’ Wild for us, for sure.
We’re gentle, Disney folk! Just want a great family experience, certainly no pushing and shoving.


Wet ‘n’ Wild looked like it could have used alot of work the last time we were there it really looked run down.


Ugh wet and wild really really rough- no thanks, Disney water parks- fabulous