We've got our ADR's!


Just got our ressies for our upcoming trip in Sept. We have free dining and I was really nervous…

Sat. sept 26- just counter service, will arrive late

Sun. Sept 27- B- The Crystal Palace D- The Wave

Mon. sept 28- D- The Coral Reef

Tues. Sept 29 MNSSHP D- Chef Mickey

Wed. Sept 30 50’s Primetime Cafe

Thurs Oct.1 D- Wolfgangpuck Cafe

Fri. Oct2 D- Boma

Sat. Oct3. D- Le Cellier !!! Have never been able to get ressies there in all the years we’ve been going!1

How does it sound? Any suggestions?


Sounds great! happy to hear you were able to get what you wanted


Those all sound great. I am happy for you that you got everything you wanted. Enjoy!


I’ve not been to 50’s or Le Cellier (yet!), but the others are all great!


Doesn’t it feel great to get those ressies DONE??? Looks good, we will also be there at that time and got Le Cellier, too! Yeah!!!


We’ll be at Pop too! Actually our TA just changed Chef Mickey to Kona Cafe at an earlier time because of MNSSHP, Have you ever been? This will be our first time.


We are eating beakfat at the Crystal Palace on Sept. 27th also!!!:wub:


YAY those ADRs look great!! Congrats on Le Cellier! :biggrin: (Oct 3 is DH’s birthday - he will be jealous you’re eating there that day!)


We’re eating there at 10:15!! How about you? We’re staying at Pop!


We’ve never been able to score a ressie there before, pure luck and our great TA!


You’ll want to get there as early as you can…they let you in as early as 4, but the actual party starts at 7:00. It is so much fun, we love it!


Strangely, the only one of those restaurants that we have tried is Boma. I guess we get stuck in a rut because we love our favorites so much and just keep going back! I’ll be interested to see your trip report and find out how you like all of these. They sound wonderful.


Good choices; we too are trying 50’s and LeCellier for the first time.


Our reservations at Crystal Palace are at 9:10. We always stay at POP, but we couldn’t get POP when we made our reservations. We are staying at All Star Sports for the first time. We’re just ready to go to DISNEY!:wub:


Your plans look great, enjoy!


Is there really a bad place to eat in Disney??? If so not many.