We've joined DVC!


Well, we want to do a real trip report and we will, but since all the pics need to go on the computer and we need to install the new one first, we might as well announce it now…


For Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas but our first usage of our (bonus) points is going to be for a couple of days this coming week in the middle of the week…

Wanted you all to know!!

David and David


Wow! That’s a heck of a ending to a trip!! Congrats to you two!!!


How cool is that? Kind of like a snazzy Happy-40th-Birthday-to-Me present. :cool:



Congrats and Welcome Home!!


Congrats!!! I just got from my Disney Rewards Visa an offer of $500 rewards points if you sign with DVC. Hope you were able to take advantage of that. Also, do they still have any other perks for signing up? We are still so close to signing. Just have to get past both of our jobs companies being bought out.


Welcome Home! You couldn’t have picked a nicer neighbourhood!!:happy:

How terrific for you guys! Congratulations!


Wow, most people just pick up a t-shirt.:laugh: :laugh:

We bought last year and next week we are taking our first trip “home”.


Oh my!! I need to check with my own Disney Rewards Visa then!! I didn’t even know!! :blush:

We kind of wish we’d set it up the day before… we’d have gotten TWICE the bonus points we are getting but it changed Aug. 31/Sept. 1. But we must move on from what might have been…



:biggrin: :mickey: Awesome DAVID!!! I am so jealous you got AKL!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for AKL to be my home! :sad: Welcome to a world of Disney vacationing as you’ve never known it before! I am so happy for you guys! Congrats!


Congratulations!!! You guys must be so excited! That’s one awesome WDW souvenir . . . :happy:


Congrats!!! We also joined on our last trip.


congrats!!! I am looking forward to many many many many TR’s from you boys!!


So where are you staying for your first visit??


Congrats! And welcome home!


Congratulations. You’re going to love it!


Congrats… Welcome Home! You are going to love it. Which DVC resort are you staying at? Did you get AKV?


WOW!!! That is awesome! Im so jealous!!! I was tempted to do something and surprise the family but I just dont have the $$ for it right now! Good for you


Congrats both of you!!!


Well congratulations to you two!


D&D – Wow, congrats! This is such great news! Now remember, when you two have one of those gigantic villas, there is plenty of room for all your MB pals to sleep on the floor, on the sofas, even on the counter! We’ll be happy to share your joy!!! LOL