Whahoot! Just got my MVMCP tics! Happy Dance!


Ok, after going to Disney for my birthday – and wining ‘FREE CONCIERGE’ service for 2 days of my trip :wub: (did I say I wub Disney) I am going again this Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to do the MVMCP just the way to end a trip after a cruise.


You go girl. How did you win that concierge service?


That’s awesome. I hope you have a great time and take lots of pics so I can live vicareously though you-i always wanted to go to WDW that time of year.


Oh I’m going to MVMCP in Dec!!! I feel your excitement! :slight_smile: Don’t you just LOVE Disney parties?


Disney done up for Christmas is our favorite time of year to go and will be again in 2010


What a blast! I’m jealous! I’ve never done Disney that time of year and I can’t even imagine the level of Disney-ness in concierge! Have a fantastic time and be sure to come back with another TR for those of us missing the World!


Yea! I loved getting our tickets in the mail, it made it feel so real at the time. I hope we can go at Christmas again, it’s such a magical time.


I went to check in and when I did, they told me that I won FREE CONCIERGE and they took me up to the 6th floor where my family and I got all the food, drinks and comfort we wanted. It was awesome!


Congratulations on winning the free concierge. I know what you mean about being excited about getting the MVMCP. It always makes the upcoming trip seem real.