What a find!


First some background, my dw and I bought a condo in May in Cocoa Beach and on our recent trip we took a van load of items down for redecorating and brought a van load back to southwest Michigan. Well for the last few weeks we have been preparing for a garage sale with those items brough back and much, much more. 2 nights ago after getting home from 3 of my dk’s baseball/softball games she came into the den carrying 5 postcards. Ok, I wasn’t thinking anything Disney but WOW!!! There are 2 of Cinderalla’s Castle at night, 1 of the entrance showing the steam train, 1 of the Swiss Family Island Treehouse and 1 of the Haunted Mansion. Since 2 of them are written on and postmarked I can see they are from April of 1972. Anyone on here have any WDW postcard knowledge? Am very curious about these 5 postcards. I will scan them and get them on here for you to see soon.


Here are the postcards.


I’m no expert on postcards but those are pretty awesome looking! :laugh: Thanks for sharing!


Those are so neat! I saw a few vintage postcards (I collect kind of everything so! If it’s Disney) when I was at a flea market but they werent in as good of condition as these and they were written on.

Which was kind of sweet. These are beautiful!


I dont know anything about postcards either, but these are really very nice to look at and great condition too.


Those are so cool!


I love those!!! They are really awesome and vintage! My aunt lives in California near Disney Land and sends us postcards all the time! I do enjoy all the different Disney postcards there are out there!!! :smile:


cool find…thanks for posting the pics.


I know that there is a market out there and also some kind of guide books but it has been so long since I was into collecting sports and non sport mem. that I can not remember where to find that type of info out for you sorry. but they look really cool.


Just an update, on top of the postcards I found an original Fantasia movie poster that was on display in theaters.


Nice pics… I love it… :heart:


I am always amazed at how small the trees are in those old pictures.

Cool find thanks for sharing!