What a mistake!


We cancelled our trip for August (free dining). We have been doing the cruising thing. We are now missing disney big time. :crying:

We will be going back next year.

Oh well.


You will appreciate it much more next year, and all of the renovations to the MK will be done- at least the big new ones.

So sorry- I know how it feels.


I hear ya! This is the second year we have missed not only WDW but the beautiful USA due to mega University fees for our daughter. The first year was kind of ok, but this year we have really really missed it all. We too are returning next year -big style!


You are missing the construction delays. Just think of it that way. I went in March after a 2 year absense, and while it was great to be back, It was awful to see that huge wall and not be allowed in. I missed the opening of Dumbo by a day- so it was miserable… Hang in there. You will love it when you get back.


The longer it takes to get back the bigger and better your trip is going to be! It’ll be worth the wait I promise! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the words of encouragement, It has helped.:mickey: