What about Santa?


Is there any place at WDW for the kids to see Santa and sit on his lap?


We found Santa sitting on a little dead end off Main Street in MK. There was no line, we basically walked up to meet him.


Santa is also located in Epcot by the American Pavilion.


Why would they be lined up for Santa when they all want to see Mickey?


Because Santa brings presents, duh!! :laugh:


Now if he was Disney’s Santa Claus - he’d be everywhere!


At the resorts, Santa is in the lobby on Christmas Eve (and maybe other nights as well???, At BWV last year, Santa was really, really good… he had his own terrific white beard. He was on hand during “lemonade and cookies time.” Anyone can sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they’d like for Christmas, and parents are welcome to stand close enough to hear those secrets! Plenty of time for pics, as well.


I also took a photo on Santa’s lap [ouch, crush! haha] off of Main Street. He was all set up in a little enclave on the right side of Main Street (if you were facing the castle) with a big gold chair & lots of Christmas greenery. There was a pretty big que to meet him but the line went fast and I think we waited for only about 10-15 minutes. That was the day after Thansgiving a couple years ago.


He is! Every country in Epcot has their own version of Santa.
Santa’s Around The World?


Thank you all so much! DH and I still haven’t decided if we’re going to go on a spontaneous weekend Disney World getaway with the kids at the end of the week. The kids haven’t had an opportunity to visit with Santa yet, and I was thinking that what better place to get to see him than Disney World?


We saw Santa at DTD last year. There was a cute little house set up to see him in, it was very festive. My kids had their lists ready for Santa; it was very special. The arm of his chair opened up (that’s where he kept all the kids’ lists); he said that he would make sure these got back to the north pole that evening so that the elf’s could start working on the toys they wanted.


Oh my goodness! I love that!!


The Santa at Epcot also has the Mrs. with him. Very cool.


The one at the American Adventure?


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1008527]He is! Every country in Epcot has their own version of Santa.
Santa’s Around The World?[/QUOTE]

Oh way cool, didn’t even think of that! Another reason for my “Must go to WDW at Christma time” list.:laugh::laugh:


I just looked back over this thread, and I realized how poor my grammar was in the original question–“Is there any place” rather than “ARE there.” Can you tell I was at work and trying to sneak that question onto MB before I was caught:laugh:


I think its time to start up those spontaneous trips! That would be so cool to bring the kids to see Santa at Disney. I’m almost up for a spontaneous trip myself even though my kids don’t believe in Santa anymore, and Disney is 18 hours away!!!


:laugh:I have really lost my spontanaity the last few years, and, honestly, the idea of throwing some stuff together this week and hitting the road is creating some anxiety in me. :laugh: I keep trying to find things that will make me realize that this would make our Christmas so much more fun, and I have to agree that seeing Santa at Disney would be a wonderful memory maker for my kids. Fortunately, they all still believe, and I’m so afraid that this is our last year of having 3 believers–my oldest is 11 and seems to be questioning it a little bit. Is that reason enough to drive 9 hours one way for just a long weekend in WDW?


Its tough when they start to question. Its inevitable, but its tough.:closedeye


Yes. You’ll find him on the right side of the building. He has a real beard also. Truly looks like Santa, and the Mrs. is really his Mrs.