What am I allowed to bring in the parks?


I wanted to see if I am able to bring snacks and water into the parks for my 2 kids?


Yes. To my knowledge (at least as of last September) you are still able to bring in your own snacks and water. Most people will bring in one water per person and just refill at the water fountains. That way you don’t have to carry so much around.


You can bring in your own snacks and drinks. Captgoodguy had a great suggestion to only bring in 1 bottle per person, and then just refill them at water fountains. Any and ALL packages (back packs, purses, fanny packs…) are searched prior to entrance. Selfie sticks ARE NOT allowed, even though we have seen people in the parks with them.


Yes you can bring your 2 kids.


Little hint…Some snacks you can freeze, so no need for ice for chilling. Yogurt tubes, string cheese, some fruit. Better than just filling up on chips. Freeze a couple of water bottle, keeps every cool and then you have cold water for later.

When we travel with grandkids, we bring a small cooler with cheese and such and a separate bag for the chips and cookies.