What an interesting trip


so. new years eve. i’ve literally planned this trip for about a year and a half! it was CRAZY.

it was almost as if everything that could have gone wrong…DID.

but what made things better was knowing that i would be in disneyland. HA. until i learned that it was pretty much gonna rain on my parade. LITERALLY.

although the whole trip wasnt a bust, it did kinda suck that i was soaked from head to toe…and that the second day we were there they cancelled the fireworks and fantasmic (tears)

but i did get to do a lot of neat things that i wouldnt have necessarily done if it wasnt raining. like enjoying the theater where Mr. Lincoln usually is. the lil thing they have going on there for the 50th was amazing. and the 50th fireworks were WONDERFUL! i couldnt imagine it being any better. i loved how they did it all up to common disneyland music. it really was great!

i learned a few things. 1. new years at disneyland is a lot of fun (although i’ll most likely never do it again) 2. dont go on splash mountain cause you dont think you can get any wetter. that is not true. 3. the day after new years is the best day to go. park=empty. 4. the jungle cruise is WAY more fun at night!

anyway. overall the trip was great. i love disneyland. wish i was there now!!!


Thanks for the report. I am glad that you made the best of the trip. Love the pictures. What is the broken doll’s head from?


haha. it was from the disney store in downtown disney. its tinkerbelle. its kinda morbid, but quite humorous!


Im so happy you had a great trip, and thanks for the pics! :smile:


Flounder, I am sorry things were a bust but it CERTIANLY looks like you made the BEST of it!!! I ABSOLTEULY LOVED your photos, especially Tink’s head. Would you mind if I used that photo sometime? It’s not morbid to me, it’s absolutely a cool photograph. I love people with a photographer’s eye. Very nice.

Tell us more, what DID you get to do? Any more pictures?

Thanks for sharing!


Too bad it rained on your parade - and everything else - but good for you for making the best of it! Thanks for the report!


yeah. you can totally use the pictures. i dont mind. :slight_smile:

for as busy as i expected it to be, i got to do pretty much every ride in the park. it was funny to see everyone in rain ponchos! hardcore disneyland fans i suppose, considering it was definitely a wet one.

awe shucks. i miss being there!!! :slight_smile: i TRIED to sneak a peak into the future Nemo ride…and from what i got to see…its all just dirt. :frowning: haha.

when i was there, i felt as if Walts vision was truely complete! even in all the rain and crowds, its still the Happiest Place on Earth


Way to make the best of things…and the first picture…Aaaaaaa…scaret me.:smile:


Cool pictures- thanks for posting! Sorry about all the rain-just an excuse to go again soon!


Great teacup pic!

Is that you?


naw. thats the bf! im in the first set of pictures though. i just LOVE that picture of him. its freakin fun!!!


I love pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us! I love to see all the ponchos too. I am kind of weird though, and enjoy the rain. I also happen to love the Jungle Cruise at night, but alas, I have never done it at Disneyland.


I’m glad you made the best of a wet situation! :c)

I hope you get to do it all again under drier conditions!


Oops! My bad. So you’re a girl. Kewl!

Cute bf though. Nice pic. I wish I could click em that well.


Wow… that French Quarter street in one of your pics looks so cool! Tell me about that area… I was only at DL once, and I don;t remember that place!


Awesome pics! You have a great “eye”. :slight_smile:


Wow, I have never seen any part of the park that dead! It did look empty that’s for sure!


Thanks for sharing! Those pictures are fun! :biggrin:


Great pics! I love the one of Space Mountain:) Glad you had a good time even though it rained…and rained…


yeah, the second day we were there (January 1st) it was absolutely dead. hardly any waits, which was nice.

i think it had something to do with all the rain, and also, i dont think Disneyland is very popular the day after new year.

:slight_smile: thanks to all the comments on my pictures. i LOOOVEEE photography. (im an art geek) so im glad you all liked them