What an odd combination


Yesterday I took my daughter to a birthday party at American Adventures (AA) in Atlanta. As we were entering, I see this huge sign advertising tht Radio Disney will be there next weekend. AA is a six flags park. The employess wore six flags shirts. Isn’t that weird???
On a side note- this was no WDW! It was basically 14 rides that looked like they were bought from a roadside fair and permanently attached in place. The employess were not at all friendly either! And cleanliness? I’m not sure that they have the same standards at all as Disney.
I feel lucky to be able to travel to Disney even once!!!


I took my 8th graders to Six Flags a couple of weeks ago and noticed a lot of Disney merchandise in the stores. I didn’t know what to make of it, I go every year for our class trip and this is the first tme I’ve seen Disney stuff in the park.


That does seem kind of odd. I haven’t been to a Six Flags park in years, but I seem to remember the Warner Brothers characters (Bugs, Daffy etc.) being the stars of the show there.

I wonder if someone can shed some light on this for us.


I went to Six Flags a really long time ago, and it also was filled with those roadside carnival kind of rides, next to the big coasters… very unusual!


I don’t think Disney is looking to compete with 6 flags. They are two totally different experiences. That’s probably why Disney feels safe merchandising and promoting there, and why 6 flags allows it.


That is weird!

Still, I think you’re hard on American Adventures. Obviously it’s not Disney, but it is the perfect place for 4 year olds. They’ve got a very specific target audience. The rides feel wild and adventurous, and they’ve done a good job of keeping it in a grove-like setting that keeps everything shaded.

No, it doesn’t have atmosphere. It’s definitely not Disney. But for young children it’s very entertaining… and a LOT closer (and cheaper!) than WDW!

Btw… how crowded was it?


It doesn’t have to be “Disney Standards” to be fun - that was nicely stated, Andrea!

I think it’s interesting that they are merchandising there, though.


I didn’t notice any Disney stuff when I went…wish I did. As for why Disney allows it: They get a cut of the profits…lol Disney never says no to money…lol


I just wonder why Six Flags wants Disney stuff in their parks when they have their own characters to market.


To remind the Six FLags guests that there are other theme parks for them to visit…subtle hint to go to a disney park. I think it’s pretty clever acually…lol


My child had fun, but I was very worried about safety on some of those rides. I had to look hard for the information on the sign about the height requirement. I was also not very sure that those rides were safe. No, it does not have to be Disney standards to be fun, but I would prefer that the safety standards are! I was not sure about some of those rides. I can say that it was shady and in the trees. It was definitely no fantasyland…

Andrea- no it was not crowded- on a Saturday afternoon.


Note to self: Check out American Adventures in September.

Personally, I love Six Flags. I have passes to the one in New Orleans, but we have to use SFoG while NO is closed.

But Disney merchandise at SF is a bit bewildering. :huh:


Kippage: Only if you’re traveling with a child! Most things adults can’t do.

FWIW, I didn’t have any safety issues.



Well then…

Note to self: Skip American Adventures in September. Stick with Georgia Tech football, drinking, the Aquarium, and SFoG