What app?


What app would you recommend for the parks for a Droid phone?


The My Disney Experience is the one WDW is pushing. A little clumsy, but the wait times were the same on my droid as those posted on the message brds at Epcot and AK. They are still working out some bugs for the other sections of the program, but it was spot on with Disney’s posted times. The ADR section is really clumsy to navigate through at times.


My Disney Experience is very accurate for time guides etc, but I agree with Rich on the clumsyness of it for dining. They are still tweaking it, but it functions and it’s free.


Free is always good, thank you both.


If you are a member of touringplans.com, download their app, Lines. It’s free, and includes the posted wait times plus their estimated, “actual” wait times. It also includes menus and touring plans for all the parks and for most circumstances. If you are not a member, the membership is not expensive and you get a discount if you own the current edition of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Apart from that, Undercover Tourist has a decent free app as well.


Honestly, my favorite is the My Disney Experience app. The wait times and FP distribution times are almost always accurate. And there are fun videos and things on there, as well. Plus the graphics are way better than Undercover Tourist’s or Touring Plan’s apps.


Yes, you’re right about the graphics on My Disney Experience.


My Disney Experience is really a great app as per your requirement.