What are our chances of an upgrade 10/05?


I’m trying sooooo hard not to discuss our tentative trip plans, but it’s almost impossible! :angry: :laugh:

What do you think our chances are of getting a room upgrade in early October if we reserve a standard view room to save $$, and ask for an upgrade at check-in? (For example, let’s say at WL–if we paid for a standard view but asked for a woods or courtyard view at check-in?)

I’d really like to save the $$ if possible, but if it’s going to be busier this year and less chance of an upgrade, I might just pay for a better view.

For the record…we’re NOT staying at Wilderness Lodge, I just used that as an example. :happy:


I don’t ever leave this to chance. You truly never, ever know on this one and if a higher level room is important to you, I’d go ahead and pay for one. When we stayed at AKL, we were pleasantly surprised with an upgrade from standard to savanna; this, I think, was due in part to the lull in tourism (things have definitely picked up now) and the fact that AKL has an abundance of savanna rooms and very few standard rooms giving them more of an opportunity for upgrading. But, again, if you’ll be dissapointed with a standard room, then don’t book one.


Thanks bali…this is kind of my thought too. I think we’ll have to discuss more and decide whether or not a special view room is important to us; at some resorts it might be and at others it might not make a difference. If we ended up staying at AKL, I might just pay for a savanna view room because I know that’s one place where we WOULD care one way or the other. :angel:


If view is important to you book what you will be happy with, don’t take a chance on getting upgraded.


I plan on booking the views we really want…(like I said, AKL would be one that I would be concerned about). I think when we’re undecided though, I will just leave it up to chance and pocket the extra $$ instead. I’ve never given a rip about my view once I got there! :laugh: I’m in WDW, who cares what’s outside my window??


That’s a great attitude! I like a good view but honestly, I could look at a dumpster and be happy as long as I am at WDW.


LOL I am the exact same way. I don’t know WHY on earth I’m concerned about it (except maybe at AKL, because I really WOULD like to look at the savannah), because I don’t think I ever move the curtains and look out the window when I’m in my room! So what difference does it make?? Well, none. :whistling Haha.


I really don’t know…Im torn…b/c the only resorts I can actually think it would we WORTH booking a high price room would be at the monorail resorts to have a castle view and AKL b/c of the Savanna…
But back to more imporant things…where are you going to stay…where are you going to make your PS’S!!!


Hehe…you know I can’t say anything yet!! :pinch: You’re the only one who knows where we’re staying so far. I gotta stay tight-lipped until our ressies are made & deposits paid! (Hey, that rhymed… :angel:) THEN I’m gonna go all-out NUTS planning this trip! :biggrin:


I had the same dilema when booking our trip. I opted for getting the room with the view for fear of not being able to get upgraded at the time. Better to be safe than sorry. This year is a special trip for our family and we are going all out…but next year I will probably do the opposite and wait till we get there. I guess it depends on whats more of a priority this trip. My kids REALLY wanted a view of the animals at AKL. (I wanted WL) So AKL with a view this year and WL and hopefully an upgrade next year! :wink: Either way we are at Disney :mickey:


I wouldn’t count on the upgrade. I never get it, and I smile really big and ask really nicely. And this was in Sept. and January. Get the room you really want when you book.


Rethinking her standard view room at AKL…


If you are staying at a resort where the view reallllly matters to you, then definitely pay for the upgrade, just to have the peace of mind. I would feel horrible if I just prayed for the upgrade and didn’t get it if it was for a room I really wanted. This is what we did when we stayed at the…you guessed it…AKL, lol. We really wanted the Savannah room but had booked a standard view and just hoped to get an upgrade at check in. We decided later to just pay the extra $$ for the savannah view, and we were lucky we did becuase when we checked in the CM mentioned that the resort was booked solid that weekend! I would also factor in the amount of time you plan on spending in your room. If your going to spend the entire trip from sunrise to sunset at the parks, then the view isn’t that important. But if you plan on spending some extra time at your resort then a good view is important! Hope this makes sense, lol


I agree w/you 100%. There is no point in staying at AKL unless you are staying in a savanna view room, that is the entire draw of the resort. However, I don’t think I could have afforded the savanna view unless I’d found that great deal on mousesavers.


Good advice EJ, we may try AKL next trip. BTW, who’s that in your avatar?


It’s Ewan McGregor, aka Obi-Wan Kenobi. :wub: Yumminess!

Thanks for the help guys…I’ve decided to book the views we want, regardless of the extra cost. I’m sure I’ll be glad I did, so I’m not worried about it 'til we get there. :wacko:

Joe you have a really good point about measuring the amount of time we’ll be spending in our room. Normally I’m a sunrise-to-sunset Park Commando so I don’t give a DARN about the room view…but I think this trip is going to be a long and leisurely one (cough Well, long anyway…:laugh:) so we’ll spend more time in the rooms. That’s why I’m gonna fork over the extra bucks for the better views. Thanks!!