What are the best charachter dining experiences?


Which places offer the best dining experiences with charachters at disneyland? This is my first time going there and i know absolutely nothing about anything … help! :blink:


Well the only two i’ve been to is Goofy’s kitchen and Ariels Grotto.

Goofy’s is the normal disney characters, goofy, mickey, minnie, chip and dale

Ariels is the princess and i think is much more fun…with better food lol


Well, I have only been to DL once, 2 years ago. We did the StoryTellers Breakfast at the Grand Californian Hotel. The food was fantastic, the service was great, and we got to see cool characters like Chip & Dale, Plute, & Brother bear. There were more, but I forget. Very Nice!!


We love Goofy’s Kitchen! You get a lot of the classic characters, plus a few random ones thrown in from time to time…plus we like having a buffet at our fingertips. The food’s not amazing, but it’s standard buffet food.

I can also recommend Ariel’s Grotto if you want the princess experience - the food is better than Goofy’s Kitchen.

I’ve heard great things about Storyteller’s Cafe too…oh and I hear the Plaza Inn is great for a character breakfast! (I haven’t actually eaten there though…just, um…well, lets say I’ve been there more than a few times helping out some friends. :wink: :laugh:)


The PCH Grill’s “Lilo & Stitch Aloha Breakfast” is a good one too.:smile:
Disneyland Resort - PCH Grill’s “Lilo & Stitch Aloha Breakfast”


DH and I love Lilo and Stitch Breakfest. It has really good food when we went and the characters were so cute. Last time I went I was pregnant and all the characters made such a fuss over it.


Are you more interested in the quality fo the food, or which characters you get? If you need a big princess meal, try CRT or Akershus. If you want classic characters, I have heard such good things about Chef Mickey’s. If you want Pooh characters, nothing beats Crystal Palace. Need Mary Poppins? She’s at 1900 Park Fare.
We loved Breakfastosaurus – you get the best of both worlds, delicious food and great characters. Plus, plenty of time with the characters! Krispy Kremes, cool breakfast pizza that the kids love. And then an easy walk to Dinosaur or Expedition Everest!


yay … thank you for the help! … still have a lil time to decide … they only let you make reservations 60 days out :slight_smile:


I never really did the character dining…

However, Goofy’s Kitchen would be your best bet.

The Plaza Inn has a Birthday Breakfast inside the park that looks like fun.